You re your own worst critic

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you re your own worst critic

Critic Quotes (84 quotes)

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Published 11.06.2019

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Many of us consider ourselves to be our own worst critics and I used to think so, too. I was always so hard on myself to the point of perfectionism. Then one day I began to see things differently.

Read This If You Are Your Own Worst Critic (And You Need To Give Yourself A Break)

But how, exactly, does one go about speaking to themselves healthily? And how can you successfully parse which voices to trust, and which ones might be hurting you? Putting yourself down? Antagonizing yourself for, well, antagonizing yourself will only reinforce a vicious cycle. To get a more complete picture of the tone and helpfulness of your inner dialogue, catalogue your thoughts on paper. This is not only cathartic, it can also help you notice patterns, and allow you to better sift through your thoughts so that you can begin challenging the ones that may be negatively impacting you.

We asked what your biggest struggle as an artist was and it was surprising how much you all agreed on what the top struggles were, one of them being your own worst critic. The sad thing is, just when everything is going well for us it feels unreal and then that inner critic comes in and brings us back down from our happiness high. It all starts with one simple mistake, something every single one of us does. The more down we feel, the more those words echo in our heads. You could feel stuck, depressed and unworthy of anything great. All of these are so far from the truth though. What you need to do is rid these thoughts from your head and realize just how amazing you are.

You do not have to carry the weight of the world on your shoulders, even if it feels like you have to. Being too hard on yourself often leads to negative thoughts and feelings of self-blame, self-criticism, self-judgment and so on, but you are only human and sometimes you need a break as well. Being hard on yourself is good, but only to a certain extent. Being hard on yourself means that you have high expectations of yourself and you want to see yourself succeed. But success can consume us and that is never a good thing. You need to set the goals over time, train and pace yourself.

Too much self-criticism will only serve to derail your business development efforts by sapping your enthusiasm to move forward. Are YOU your own worst critic?.
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When we summon the courage to take a risk or make a change, we often encounter fear and a little voice that talks trash. Try again later. Everyone will laugh at you. We all experience vulnerability and we all have an inner critic. When they clash, whose team wins? Most people grow up believing that vulnerability is weakness.

Photo by Angelica creative commons. Adapted by The Write Practice. And honestly? If you also missed the your-own-worst-critic boat, high five. Take a moment and bask in your confidence. Even more than most writers, outside feedback is critical for us. Our confidence can make it harder to fully consider critique.


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