King bruce of scotland family tree

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king bruce of scotland family tree

Robert the Bruce: King of Scots by Ronald McNair Scott

Robert the Bruce had himself crowned King of Scots at Scone on a frozen March morning in 1306. After years of struggle, Scotland had been reduced to a vassal state by Edward I of England and its people lived in poverty. On the day he seized the crown Bruce renewed the fight for Scotlands freedom, and let forth a battle cry that would echo through the centuries.

Using contemporary accounts, Ronald McNair Scott tells the story of Scotlands legendary leader, and one of Europes most remarkable medieval kings. It is a story with episodes as romantic as those of King Arthur, but also one which belongs in the annals of Scottish History, and has shaped a nation.
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Robert the Bruce, King of Scots 1306 – 1329

Robert was one of the most famous warriors of his generation, and eventually led Scotland during the First War of Scottish Independence against England. He fought successfully during his reign to regain Scotland's place as an independent country and is today revered in Scotland as a national hero. Robert's grandfather, Robert de Brus, 5th Lord of Annandale , was one of the claimants to the Scottish throne during the " Great Cause ". After submitting to Edward I in and returning to "the king's peace", Robert inherited his family's claim to the Scottish throne upon his father's death. In February , Bruce, having wounded Comyn, rushed from the church where they had met and encountered his attendants outside. Kirkpatrick then rushed into the church and killed Comyn.

Descendants of Robert Bruce. Edward Bruce was King of Ireland. Second Generation. Robert the Bruce was the great champion of Scottish independence. He waged a long and uncertain war against Edward I, perhaps the greatest King of England, who almost succeeded in making Scotland a fief of England. Then Independence of Scotland and the title of "Bruce" to the throne were firmly established by the crushing defeat of Edward II at the battle of Bannockburn in The great place of Robert the Bruce in Scottish history is fully attested by the writings of standard historians and his fame is immortalized in literature.

It is assumed that most Bruces across the globe today are of the Scottish line that began with this Thomas Bruce of Clackmannan who was a descendant of the de Brus family of Brix in Normandy Northern France. These quick links represent either a title i. Earl of Elgin or of a place in Scotland i. For ease of use and place, some are labeled Bruce of i. Cultmalindie in Rognvald On the death of his father he succeeded to the lands of North and South Morei in addition to the lands of his nephew Gulturm.

Discover the family tree of King Robert I *the Bruce* Of Scotland for free, and learn about their family history and their ancestry.
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Robert de Bruce

See this disussion for a copy of Douglas Richardson's post in soc. Legend tells that the year-old Robert de Brus, was a handsome young man participating in the Ninth Crusade., Robert was the son of " Robert de Brus , Knt. Robert married 1 Isabel of Mar about and 2 Elizabeth de Burgh in

Bruce family , also spelled Bruis, Brix , or Broase , an old Scottish family of Norman French descent, to which two kings of Scotland belonged. The name is traditionally derived from Bruis or Brix, the site of a former Norman castle between Cherbourg and Valognes in France. The family is descended from Robert de Bruce d. His son, the second Robert de Bruce ? The second Robert later grew estranged from David and renounced his Scottish fief of Annandale, which, however, was restored to his son, the third Robert fl. Their son, the fifth Robert d.


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