What does fib stand for

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what does fib stand for

Too Soon Old, Too Late Smart Quotes by Gordon Livingston

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What does the English word 'fib' mean?

What Does F.A.B. Stand For In Thunderbirds?

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It started with a fib to her family after her first year of college in Saudi Arabia. With all sides conceding Anthony was a liar, her fate now hangs on which fib the jury buys. She had another; she acknowledged her own fib , but she would plead that she had no right to betray her friend.
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What happens during AFib?

At least 2. Normally, your heart contracts and relaxes to a regular beat., Suggest new definition.

Top definition. B's unknown. Fucking Illinois Bastard. They should make north I a toll road so we can collect some money from those F. B's who come up here every summer and act like they own the place. FIB unknown. Fucking Illinois Bastards — just pronounced as fib by Wisconsinites referring to people from Illinois, how they drive and act.

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