What does complicated relationship mean

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what does complicated relationship mean

Complicated Relationship Quotes (15 quotes)

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Published 25.10.2019

10 Signs You're in a Complicated Relationship

Some people love to make life harder than it is but the truth is, all the goodness life has to offer is very simple!

Facebook Relationship Status: What Does "It's Complicated" Mean?

At first, I thought making your relationship seem complicated on social media must be some sort of attention seeking behaviour or a means for people to feel important. I believed that the world was unnecessarily complicating relationships, till a friend actually told me about her first and only love. To give you an idea, their relationship was like that of Ross and Rachel, except that they had other complications like they were from different cultural and religious backgrounds, lived in two different states, and got to meet each other only once a month. They loved each other, but the fact that the parents would never agree tormented them when they were together. But once they cool down, and are miles away, they miss each other and reconcile. This went on for few years before finally they mutually agreed to cut all contact with each other. Though that relationship ended quite unfortunately, my curiosity for understanding complicated relationships piqued.

Relationship Blog 1, Views. What does your relationship status on Facebook say? This little sentence basically says a lot without saying anything. Read further to find out what it really means. Some people are not so quick to really commit to each other. This relationship status can mean that the person is currently seeing more than one person.

Top definition. It's complicated unknown. One of the options for " Relationship Status " on Facebook. Refers to a couple in an ambiguous state between "friends" and "in a relationship". May also be used to indicate dissatisfaction with an existing relationship. Friends continue to ask each person what their situation is but no one can truly say in a relationship.

If someone changes their status from "In a Relationship" to "It's Complicated", expect Can also mean a relationship status that does not fit into the status quo, .
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Do you find yourself in a “complicated” relationship?

Here's why it doesn't work:. So, that means you can be with other people, right? Well, no, probably not. You see, people want to be casual and totally cool with dating other people, which is sustainable until they see someone with whom they spend a lot of time in the arms of someone else. Then, they want to be cool and casual while also strangling someone at a bar until the police have to pry them off. You pull each other closer and push each other away again.


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