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what does vanna white do

Vanna Speaks by Vanna White

I first read this book ~10 years ago after Dorothy Zbornak (aka Bea Arthur) mentioned it on an episode of the Golden Girls. She recommended it to her Italian cousin, saying, Its a hell of a book. I was intrigued - it sounded juicy, but more importantly, one does not just discard the opinion of one Dorothy Zbornak - so I ordered a used copy from Amazon, read it, and donated it to Goodwill years later not remembering much about it. Im not sure why I decided to read it again - I think maybe my husband and I happened to catch a segment of Wheel of Fortune on TV recently? - but oh lordy, this book. Far be it from me to disagree with Dorothy Zbornak, but this book is not good.

Part of that may be that I lack some context. I did a bit of Vanna White research while reading this thing for the second time (what is my life) and discovered that back in the early 1980s, when White first appeared on Wheel of Fortune, she was a bit of a media sensation. This was known as Vannamania (http://articles.chicagotribune.com/19...), and it is a real and documented thing that I was too young to experience but seems to have been a more innocent (and quintessentially 80s) version of whatever the Kardashians are today. Which is to say: people were weirdly intrigued with Vanna White even though she was famous for no reason, and so suddenly, she was everywhere. (Including, for a time, on my nightstand, after my grandma bought me a Vanna White Barbie doll.)

Of course, like the Kardashians, that doesnt mean that White is particularly interesting, as this book illustrates. I liked reading about the behind-the-scenes stuff related to Wheel of Fortune (game shows are fun, although her repeated insistence that she is a valuable part of the game because she turns the letters is kind of funny/sad now that the letters dont require turning), but ultimately, Whites a bit of a ditz. For example: within the first 10 pages shes giving diet tips (she does 25 sit-ups in the morning, yall!), and she recounts near the end an incident where David Letterman allegedly pinched her butt and she got revenge by having a T-shirt printed for him with the slogan I goosed Vanna White. (She purportedly got multiple requests from fans for this shirt. Sorry boys! Its a one-time-only deal.)

There are real moments as well. Whites relationship with her mother is touching, and her grief over losing her boyfriend to an untimely accident is palpable. Really, this book is fine. Its of its time. Its largely vapid, inconsequential, and somewhat entertaining. Its a memoir of an attractive woman who makes a living smiling silently on television, and in that way, its exactly what youd expect.
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Vanna White

'Wheel of Fortune' at 40: Fun Facts on Vanna White

By Michael Starr. January 31, pm Updated January 31, pm. We only tape it on average four days a month, but we travel a lot throughout the year … when we go on location. We know each other very well. Not really. I take the job for what it is. Wait, they can do that?

For nearly 35 years , Vanna White has been revealing letters—and contestant fates—on Wheel of Fortune , the hugely successful syndicated game show that plays like a supercharged version of hangman. During this time, White also managed to snag an appearance as a contestant on The Price is Right. White has often acknowledged the curious nature of her job, which involves looking glamorous while turning or touching letters during the game. The dresses are typically borrowed from designers and returned once she's done taping the show. In , some viewers of Wheel of Fortune were surprised to see White staring back at them from the cover of Playboy magazine.

Four4Four: Vanna White reveals her biggest regret, will young celebs have the same when they get older? Then, in , she suffered a devastating miscarriage, followed by a divorce from restaurateur George Santo Pietro after 12 years of marriage. They had two kids. Closer Weekly revealed they announced their engagement in only to end their relationship just a year later. In fact, she finds great joy in using her fame to give back.


Vanna White, born on February 18, , in North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, worked as a professional model before joining the game show Wheel of Fortune in as co-host. She's responsible for uncovering the letters on the show's large puzzle board and modeling an ever-changing line of designs. White is the mother of two and, as an avid crocheter, has her own yarn line called Vanna's Choice. Her parents divorced when Vanna was an infant, and she was raised by her mother, Joan, and stepfather, Herbert White Jr. After graduating from high school, White moved to Atlanta, Georgia, where she attended the Atlanta School of Fashion and worked as a model.

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