What happened to beth thomas brother

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what happened to beth thomas brother

Greetings from Indiana: Vintage Hoosier Postcards by Robert Reed

During the first half of the 20th century, nearly every store had a rack of postcards for sale. At a cost of one cent for the card itself, plus another cent for postage, the postcard was an efficient way to send a message. Household telephones were scarce, television wasnt invented yet, and photography was prohibitively time-consuming and expensive for the average person. The postcard served as a means of communication that was quick, with the added bonus of an interesting picture that could be displayed or put into an album.

Depicting street scenes, landmarks, fine homes, and roadways, Greetings from Indiana charmingly captures the states rural and urban past. The points of origin range from Alexandria to Zionsville, representing 70 different Indiana communities. Handwritten messages by laborers, sales clerks, teachers, traveling salesmen, students, relatives, and others, as well as tourist promotions of the time, add further charm to this remarkable assembly of more than 250 vintage Hoosier postcards.
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Beth Thomas, the focus of the terrifying documentary ‘Child of Rage,’ proves just how evil innocent

Beth Thomas – Child of Rage Bio: What Did She Do To Her Brother, Where Is She Now?

As reported by sources online, the young girl was sexually abused by his father until she was nineteen months old. Beth Thomas lost her biological mother at the age of one, leading to her staying under the same roof with her father. She was later adopted by a Methodist minister, Tim Tennent and his wife, Julie Tennent after the pair gave up on having their own kids but desired to share the security of their marital union with someone else. The couple, after finalizing the process of adoption with the department of social services in , eventually took home then months-old Beth and her brother Jonathan, who was 7 months at the time. What Tim and Julie did not know at the time was that the children had passed through severe physical and emotional abuse from their father but the couple eventually found out after some months and that was the beginning of their nightmare. Due to circumstances surrounding her birth, the exact date, month, and year in which was born are not detailed online.

Beth Thomas featured on a documentary called Child of Rage which featured shocking footage of her telling her psychiatrist she wanted to kill her parents and brother in the dead of night. In the footage, Beth - then aged 6 - explains that parents Tim and Julie lock her in her room at night to stop her from stabbing them to death. She also admits to sexually abusing her younger brother, torturing the family dog and killing a nest of baby birds. Jonathan also had to go to hospital after Beth repeatedly smashed his head in to a concrete floor in a bid to kill him. Beth and her brother Jonathan were adopted from a situation of severe neglect, and she was later diagnosed with 'reactive attachment disorder' RAD , a rare but serious condition where young children fail to make healthy attachments with parents or caregivers due to extreme abuse. RAD is common diagnosis of children who have been adopted, with their new parents struggling to cope with violent outbursts aimed at them and family pets, destructive behaviour and self-harm, all triggered from their traumatic early starts. It emerged that Beth had grown up neglected, and been sexually abused by her biological father until she was months-old.

A breeze through her wiki shall reveal more! Also, what is Beth up to now? The circumstances on which Beth grew up is as horrific as one can imagine. It all began when she suffered a family tragedy following her mother's passing. At the time of her mom's death, she was only one. She would continue to go through mistreatment of the same nature until she reached 19 months of age. Neglected and severely abused, Beth and her brother - who share 12 months age difference - soon got picked up by child services.

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John had to survive abuse from two family members: his father and his sister. She learned the horrible things she did to herself, her brother and her step-parents. Both children were victims and both children suffered. So did John and Beth. He is an adult now. Did he learn to trust his step-parents?

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