What does talk otp mean

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what does talk otp mean

Otp Quotes (46 quotes)

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Published 24.10.2019

What's an OTP in League of Legends? Definition and Examples

What Does “OTP” Mean? A Primer For This Very Important Acronym

OTP is a part of shipping fan culture. To ship two characters is to be heavily invested in their romantic relationship. The term shipping originates in the TV shows The X-Files, shortened in the late s from the term relationshipper , used to describe people who wanted the characters Dana Scully and Fox Mulder to have a romantic relationship. The concept, however, was already around, not least from the Star Trek fandom, where fanfiction depicting Spock and Kirk in a romantic relationship was first published in In this subculture, OTP , or One True Pairing , emerged to describe the ship that was your favorite, or perhaps even your only, ship. For fans, an OTP is supposed to take precedence above all other ships one may have.

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Meaning the your favorite combination of characters in a fandom; Creds to the Urban dictionary, anyways let's get started. The reason why it's part 2 because I have a part 1, you should go check out down below. From what I've seen they have a really strong relationship with each other and they could really be an actual couple. M ahh this couple has a lot of swag and is built on swag. This couple can be a comedy act, they are very funny and good at variety shows. In their comeback "Who's It Gonna Be", you can see Jeungri and J-lite have a nice relationship with each other even though J-lite seemed like he didn't like Jeungri as much, you can really see that they have a relationship of some sort. This OTP is my favorite, I just really want them to be together and be happy because look at them c'mon!

Entertainment June 28, But sometimes the problem with this is that you get so lost in the characters and their lives that you try to imagine what their lives would be like if you were the one calling the shots. This is where fanfic comes into play. And since Tumblr is the ultimate bank of fanfiction, the term is mostly used on that platform. This is basically just an example of how intense fandoms can get. My current OTP?

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