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what is a pretty boy

Pretty Boy Problems by Michele Grant

After not finishing this book upon first read, I assigned it to my book club. Im of two minds about the book. First, the good mind:

Grants really good at first person POV. Its not my favorite POV, but Grant does it well. The reader really feels like shes in the mind of the characters and the voice changes with the different chapters as you enter the head of a different character. Her writing is great, her characters are strong and well-developed, her world is good.

From the not-so-good mind:
I didnt feel like there was enough conflict to sustain the length of the book. Besides Belles (understandable) reservations about Beau, there wasnt much happening in the middle of the book. And then the big conflict is one of my least favorite tricks for ANYONE to play on the person they love (romance novel or not) and I didnt like that the book made Belle out to be in the wrong, rather than Beau. Beau was clearly in the wrong there and he should have apologized.

**comments from first read of this book***
Besides the absolutely super cover, there were other aspects of this novel that I enjoyed: Beaus mind and POV was really well done and I got a good sense of his character (the heroines was good too, but I found the heros to be spot on); Grant had some really smart, pithy sentences I read aloud to my husband; and the fashion-details were interesting. Despite all of that, I still couldnt connect to the book.

If first person POV doesnt bother you (or youre a fan) give the book a try. It will probably work better for you than it did for me.

To borrow a phrase from Jill Sorenson, a gentle DNF.

*comments from starting the book*I didnt expect this to be in first person. Its not my favorite POV, but Beaus mind is so far REALLY well done.
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