What power is in the name of jesus

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what power is in the name of jesus

The Power of Jesus Names by Tony Evans

“Who do you say I am?” Matthew 16:15

In his insightful follow-up to the bestselling book, The Power of God’s Names, Dr. Tony Evans introduces you to Jesus in ways you may have never seen Him before. Jesus is anticipated from the very beginning of the Bible and is mentioned many times up until He finally arrives on the scene in Bethlehem—yet never in the Old Testament is He called Jesus. Rather, He has many names that reflect all the different aspects of His character. And there are even more names in the New Testament to explore as well!

Both in-depth Scripture research and Dr. Evans’ signature storytelling style make The Power of Jesus’ Names a fascinating journey—you will get to know Him as

Lamb of God
Great High Priest
Son of God
and more.

As you study the life and character of Jesus, you will enter into a deeper understanding of who He is and what He came to do for—and in—your life today.
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Darlene Zschech - In Jesus' Name (Official Live Video)

Posted on 22 October
Tony Evans

Understanding The Power In The Name Of Jesus

There is something in the name of Jesus that is awesome and fascinating. Hence, the quiver of an intercessor cannot be complete without it. The name of Jesus is the seat of authority. Paul highlights the power that is intrinsically connected with this name when he says:. An invocation of this name in faith will activate the power in it to save.

There is a force so vast in its power that it triumphs over any problem, any trial and any situation. Demons flee from it, disease cannot remain in the face of it, lack and fear dissipate before it, and every darkness is instantly shattered by it. Even death itself cannot contend with it. What is it? The power and authority of the Name of Jesus rightfully belongs to you as a born-again Christian, and He expects you to use it!

Why do so many Christians believe in the power in the name of Jesus and what can it do for Christians that believe in it? What does this name even mean for many Christians? What this means is that Christians have been given the power of attorney as we say in Law. The divine name of Jesus is in truth a mine of riches. It holds the secret of all the greatest happiness that any man can hope to enjoy in the entire world. Through the name of Jesus, we can obtain all kinds of favours and graces, temporal and spiritual.

Answer: Any power attributed to the name of Jesus originates in the Person of Jesus. When we “believe in Jesus' name,” we are trusting in the finished work of.
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2. God Fulfills our Needs

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