What would be the perfect career for me

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what would be the perfect career for me

Whats Your Type of Career?: Unlock the Secrets of Your Personality to Find Your Perfect Career Path by Donna Dunning

This book works a lot with the Myers Briggs Type Indicator. I personally find this very accurate and have some dealings with it in the past.
I am an INFP and I also identify as an INFJ so lots of reading for me!

As a trainer and a childcare worker and in my day to day life I can definitely identify as a Compassionate Visionary but in leadership roles or stressful situations I can be a Logical Visionary. Both resonated with me.

I work hard if my heart is there, but I lose interest in something very quickly if Im not committed. Without commitment I dont stick to it.

I am also an INFP and I identified as an insightful enhancer.

I am your typical creative type and I have a huge imagination and not enough time to get it on paper, this line sang true for me,

Struggles with many ideas has trouble finishing them.

I found this line quite amusing and I cant wait to show my husband in the hopes that he will better understand me and hopefully learn not to argue with me thinking he has a better idea when he has done no research after I have already spent days researching and weighing the pros and cons of every possible angle,

- changing course midstream means a visionary will need to revise well thought out plan. This can be stressful especially if the changes will slow down or derail some of the original intent of the project. It is not that visionaries do you not like change or are resistant to feedback. In fact they constantly work to improve and they will often increase the scope of their plans. What is difficult for them is being forced to rethink an entire project because of an external influence. It is important to remember that visionaries both are reflective and seek movement forward. They will often finish a project in their mind before they start acting on it. Changing the plan once it is started interferes with the need for closure. Rethinking the plan will take them considerable time and energy and will slow down or change their already well thought out process.

This chapter was also a nice lesson, that even though it goes against my reflective, seemingly secretive nature, I must involve others in my thought processes somehow, or give updates, as quiet reflection is needed for me to develop my clear decision making.

The website I found fairly basic.
http://online.onetcenter.org website doesnt work very well (mentioned page 241). Turn the page to be affronted with a better laid out representation of the website, however it references letters and numbers beside each job that arent explained until page 357. Slightly annoying though Im sure there was perfectly sound reasoning behind this.

Overall however this was a very helpful book, with plenty of information. If it doesnt get you to decide what you want to do, hopefully it gives you a better perspective on yourself and your situation in life.

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Donna Dunning

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