What does scout symbolize in to kill a mockingbird

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what does scout symbolize in to kill a mockingbird

To Kill a Mockingbird - Who WERE the Mockingbirds? Showing 1-50 of 73

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Atticus Finch Teaches His Daughter Scout the Best Lesson in To Kill a Mockingbird

How does scout finch symbolize a mockingbird

Witty and perceptive she may be, but clearly, Scout Finch is not strong on compassion. But the conflicts of the early chapters will be magnified in the later, the flaws of the child become the vices of the adult. It is one thing to mock Walter for his lack of lunch; it is the same thing, grown-up-style, to accuse Tom Robinson of vile crime. Like any child, games of pretend and make-believe are the heartbeat of their play. Of course, by the advanced age of ninth grade, playing pretend in this way is no longer possible. But, truly, maturity does not mean leaving the imagination behind, but carrying it forward from the world of play into the world of neighbors. Jem said Atticus was showing the jury that Tom had nothing to hide.

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Courage is displayed by several characters in the novel. Firstly Atticus is presented as a courageous man for agreeing to defend Tom Robinson even when he knows it will cause difficulties for himself and his family. He also knows he has little hope of winning the case. Atticus also shows courage when he shoots the mad dog, as despite being referred to in his youth as One—Shot Finch , he has not used a gun for 30 years. If Atticus misses, there will be a mad dog running free in the neighbourhood.

Posted by Adam Strom on April 16, There are phrases you hear so often that they begin to lose their meaning. The words become part of a series, like "bite the dust" or "have a blast. The first time I read To Kill a Mockingbird was as a student in the 8th grade. Memories are tricky, but as I recall we never talked about the title, or much else, in the book. The most memorable assignment my teacher gave us was to watch the film version on one of the local television stations.

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