What does a hoodlum mean

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what does a hoodlum mean

Executive Hoodlum: Negotiating on the Corner of Main and Mean by John Costello

Meet John Costello, Vice President of Business Development and Government Relations for Microsemi Corporation, a $6 billion leader in the advanced-semiconductor market. Well known and respected in the industry, John Costello graduated from college in 1983 with a degree in Business Administration. Johns social circle includes high-level corporate executives, politicians, military leaders and movie stars. As a young boy he played Little League baseball and Pop Warner football, and went on to become an outstanding track and cross-country runner in high school, captain of his college rowing team, and an accomplished boxer in the Golden Gloves and other tournaments. With this wholesome All-American resum�, most would think that John Costello emerged from a solid middle-class family with all the usual privileges pertaining - though nothing could be further from the truth. Costello was born into a working-class neighborhood on Chicagos north side and grew up under quite difficult conditions. His father was a talented Italian tenor with mob connections and a proclivity for violence; his mother, the daughter of an Irish street cop, was a straight-laced Catholic girl till she took to the bottle after falling victim to that violence. Surrounded by constant turmoil and hardship involving gangs, members of the underworld, murder, suicide, drug addiction as well as physical and emotional abuse, John eventually transcended his circumstances to obtain a higher education and pursue a profitable career that entailed all the perks of an executive lifestyle inclusive of the Hollywood party circuit. Readers who might enjoy this book are those interested in true-crime stories, mob activity, murder and mayhem, as well as anyone seeking a no-holds-barred story that describes the resilience of the human spirit. Spiced with wit and humor and distinguished by the inimitable voice of tough-talking John Costello, his story touches our hearts while keeping us on the edge of our seats. Other comparable books include The Truthbook: A Memoir by Joy Castro, which describes a similar childhood fraught with abuse and dysfunction. The theme of destructive behavior and personal downward spiral in the fight game and mobster milieu is also taken up in Raging Bull by Jake La Motta. Then there is the true-crime and gangster activity to be found in Family Secrets: The Case That Crippled the Chicago Mob by Jeff Coen, as well as in The Neighborhood Outfit: Organized Crime in Chicago Heights by Matthew Luzi. All these works taken together give some idea of the scope of John Costellos life as recounted in his own book. And that is what makes our book unique - John Costellos life is unique. It has been a strange blend of two distinct worlds, but with one foot firmly emplaced in each. The fact that he is comfortable meeting with Senator John McCain in the morning to discuss government business, and can then enjoy the company of old friends from the streets of Chicago in the evening, is indicative of his parallel lives and will certainly be something readers find highly intriguing. We have an extensive collection of family photos, newspaper clippings, death certificates, court papers, and other supporting documentation for all claims made, as well as music recordings and video that would introduce the amazing voice of Johnnys father to a whole new generation.
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hoodlum meaning and pronunciation

Hoodlum definition, a thug or gangster. See more. Just because someone wears a hoodie does not make them a hoodlum. The Story Behind Bobby Rush, the.
John Costello

Top definition. Hoodlum music. They had a former member, Bryan Sammis, that left the Band to pursue a solo career in music. The Band became more well known through their popular song, "Sweater Weather", which hit mainstream radios. Jenny- "Man, I love their entire album , I am a die hard hoodlum.

A hoodlum crashes a pool party that not-so-bright Cameron throws in spite of the recent bloody death of one of his friends. Just because someone wears a hoodie does not make them a hoodlum.
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  1. The exact origins of the word are not known, but one theory is that the word derives from hudelum, an adjective that means "disorderly" in dialects of German spoken in and around the region of Swabia.

  2. Jenny- "Man, I love their entire album, I am a die hard hoodlum. "Hood," is what a greasr would originally be called (the term "greaser," wasn't developed until.

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