What to say to a girl when she is sick

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what to say to a girl when she is sick

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What to Say When Your Girl is Sick

You might not be a doctor who can cure her illness, but you are a supportive boyfriend who can make her feel better. Aside from visiting her regularly and doing all sorts of things for her, another way to make her feel better is to remind her through a short but sweet message. Below are messages that you can send to your girl to make her feel better, and perhaps heal her faster! I absolutely hate it when the person who make me feel like Superman is down with a sickness. Get well soon.

And while apple-picking orchards and cider-doughnut stands may be the perfect environs for fall romance, they are also crawling with disease. That's right, single friends: It's cold and flu season. Let's talk about how it affects your love life. If you're in a new relationship or just boning somebody you kind of actually like, an illness can be a litmus test of intention and compassion. And those same types of relationships are the ones most frequently bungled by disease.

It starts with a flemmy cough. Maybe a heavy duty nose blow. Within the blink of an eye, your beloved girlfriend could become a vessel for a nasty cold, virus or even the dreaded strep throat such a dick move by nature. How do I keep my lady comfortable during her time of need? What is expected of a dutiful boyfriend? Until now.

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13 Replies to “How To Take Care of Your Girlfriend When She is Sick”

People get sick all the times. When we are sick we get all groggy, tired, and we have a bad mood or the rest of the day. As a lover, we need to lift our partners up. What should you do then? Partners stay with each other through ups and downs, especially when their girlfriend is feeling sick. Because of this you need to do these sweet and caring ways to make your girlfriend feel better when she is sick ;. Chicken soup is a comfort food for everyone and it also has many health benefits.

Results 1 to 13 of Thread Tools Show Printable Version. This isn't necessarily in response to getting blown off for plans you had together. It just seems that when I'm talking to female friends or girls I'm interested in and they mention "Oh, I'm sick, I feel like crap" I never have anything good to say. Saying something like "Aww, hope you feel better" just seems kind of lame and predictable. You should respond "AFC" to this if you're in comfort. Support her.

There is nothing worse than being sick and feeling completely alone. When anyone is sick, they need help getting and doing certain things. You tell him or her to rest, but how can one rest when one is running around just trying to survive? Give her a deep tissue massage. There are many benefits to a deep tissue massage and your sweetheart deserves to feel relaxed and free of any tension built up from being sick.

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