What does brief in opposition mean

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what does brief in opposition mean

Opposition Quotes (147 quotes)

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Published 19.10.2019

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Opposing Motion Law and Legal Definition

How do you structure your brief? Does there need to be an appendix? The information in these sections has already been provided to the Court by the Petitioner. Instead, all you need is a cover, an index if your brief is greater than 1, words , an argument with your reasons why the petition should be denied, and a conclusion. But what if your opponent has misstated the legal issue in the Questions Presented?

Please help us improve our site! No thank you. Rule A brief in opposition to the petition for a writ of certiorari may be filed by the respondent in any case, but is not mandatory except in a capital case, see Rule A brief in opposition should be stated briefly and in plain terms and may not exceed the word or page limitations specified in Rule In addition to presenting other arguments for denying the petition, the brief in opposition should address any perceived misstatement of fact or law in the petition that bears on what issues properly would be before the Court if certiorari were granted. Counsel are admonished that they have an obligation to the Court to point out in the brief in opposition, and not later, any perceived misstatement made in the petition.

You have decided to respond to file a brief in opposition. Unlike a petition for writ of certiorari, a brief in opposition does not require a.
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Do I have a deadline to file my opposition? Yes, you have a deadline. If you receive the motion in the mail, you get an additional three calendar days from the date it is mailed. That means the other side could get whatever she is asking for in the motion. It also might mean you lose the case, depending on the motion that was filed.


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  1. The last hurdle between you and your client's final victory is a brief in opposition. Let us help you explain why the Court should deny the.

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