What is a diamond poem

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what is a diamond poem

Diamonds Quotes (89 quotes)

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Diamond poem

Diamante poem

A diamante poem is also known as diamond poem. It is the style in which poetry is done by creating seven lines that don not rhyme each other. The symbol of the diamante poem resembles the shape of a diamond. This amusingly catchy aspect of the poem is considered its specialty due to the structure made while formulating a diamante or diamond poem. The captivating form was developed and introduced by the honorable Iris Tiedt. The invention of this poem has been basically done to attract kids and enlighten them. The fascinating word diamante is interestingly pronounced as dee-uh-mahn-tay.

A diamante poem is a poem made of seven lines of words that are arranged in a special diamond-like form. The first step to writing an antonym diamante poem is to think of two nouns that have opposite meanings. Because a diamante poem is diamond-like in form, it must begin and end with single words that form the top and bottom. In the antonym form, those words will have the opposite meaning. Your job as a writer is to transition from the first noun to the opposite noun in your descriptive words. The synonym diamante takes the same form as the antonym diamante, but the first and last words should have the same or similar meaning.

Diamante: A seven-line poem that takes the shape of a diamond. Fleece, fluff Bleating, leaping, grazing Meek, gentle Lamb.
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How to Write a Diamante Poem

A diamante poem , or diamond poem , is a style of poetry that is made up of seven lines. A diamante poem is a poem that makes the shape of a diamond. The poem can be used in two ways, either comparing and contrasting two different subjects, or naming synonyms at the beginning of the poem and then antonyms for the second half for a subject. In the poems, the subject is named in one word in the first line. The second line consists of two adjectives describing the subject, and the third line contains three verbs ending in the suffix ing which are related to the subject. A fourth line then has four nouns, again related to the subject, but only the first two words are related to the first subject. The other two words describe the opposite subject.

Line 1: Beginning subject Line 2: Two describing words about line 1 Line 3: Three doing words about line 1 Line 4: A short phrase about line 1, a short phrase about line 7 Line 5: Three doing words about line 7 Line 6: Two describing words about line 7 Line 7: End subject. Bike Shiny, quiet, Pedaling, spinning, weaving Whizzing round corners, zooming along roads Racing, roaring, speeding Fast, loud, Car. Why don't you try writing a diamante poem and enter it into one of our poetry competitions. Have you visited the rest of our website yet? There are lot more free resources such as poetry workshops , activities and games for young writers as well as lesson plans and themed packs for teachers - come have a look! Visit USA Site. Facebook - Visit the Young Writers Facebook page.

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