What is the era that heralded the beginnings of agriculture

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what is the era that heralded the beginnings of agriculture

Agricultural Revolution Quotes (9 quotes)

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Origins of agriculture - World History - Khan Academy


Jump to navigation. The term Paleolithic was created at the end of the nineteenth century. The Paleolithic period begins with the first evidence of human technology stone tools more than three million years ago, and ends with the major changes in human societies instigated by the invention of agriculture and animal domestication. In France, the Neolithic period, which corresponds to the first farming societies, extended from to BCE. During this time, the nomadic way of life was replaced by a sedentary one. Ceramic technology was used make pottery and some stone tools, such as axes, were polished.

Enthroned Goddess of Catal Huyuk c. Museum of Anatolian Civilizations.
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Domestication , the process of hereditary reorganization of wild animals and plants into domestic and cultivated forms according to the interests of people. In its strictest sense, it refers to the initial stage of human mastery of wild animals and plants. The fundamental distinction of domesticated animals and plants from their wild ancestors is that they are created by human labour to meet specific requirements or whims and are adapted to the conditions of continuous care and solicitude people maintain for them.

The introduction of agriculture into Europe about 8, years ago changed the way people lived right down to their DNA. Until recently, scientists could try to understand the way humans adapted genetically to changes that occurred thousands of years ago only by looking at DNA variation in today's populations. But our modern genomes contain mere echoes of the past that can't be connected to specific events. Now, an international team reports in Nature that researchers can see how natural selection happened by analyzing ancient human DNA. By taking advantage of better DNA extraction techniques and amassing what is to date the largest collection of genome-wide datasets from ancient human remains, the team was able to identify specific genes that changed during and after the transition from hunting and gathering to farming. Many of the variants occurred on or near genes that have been associated with height, the ability to digest lactose in adulthood, fatty acid metabolism, vitamin D levels, light skin pigmentation and blue eye color. Two variants appear on genes that have been linked to higher risk of celiac disease but that may have been important in adapting to an early agricultural diet.

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