What influence did st helen have on constantine

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what influence did st helen have on constantine

The Living Wood: A Novel about Saint Helena and the Emperor Constantine by Louis de Wohl

The renowned novelist De Wohl, with his usual crisp language and descriptive narrative, as well as irony and humor, presents the colorful and tumultuous times of the early Christian era in this story of intrigue, romance and power politics revolving around Helena, the devoted and saintly mother of Constantine, the first Christian emperor. This historical novel tells the story of the quest for the True Cross through fifty years of the most exciting events in Roman and Christian history.The narrative begins when the Tribune Constantius, a Roman officer stationed in Britain, meets and wins Helena, only daughter of the mystical and oracular King Coel of Britain. Through the course of their early lives together, and during their ten-year separation when Constantius returns to Britain as a conquering Caesar and Helena has become a rejected wife, devoted mother, and militant Christian, there is a sure and convincing portrayal of character growth and personal conflict. Helenas fierce determination to raise Constantine as a warrior son and her gradual discovery and dramatic acceptance of Christianity prepare her for the final miracle of her life discovery of the True Cross, the Living Wood on Calvary. The Living Wood is a chapter from the turbulent half-forgotten pages of early Christian history and legend in which the religious conflicts and problems are handled with moving simplicity. It is also an action-packed novel of those times--with a lesson for us today--that captures with equal skill and tumult and the shouting of the battlefield and the devious plots and counter-plots of the court.
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Orthodox Archbishop of Athens welcomes Relics of St. Helena the Empress and Isapostle

Born outside of the noble classes, [1] a Greek, possibly in the Greek city of Drepana , Bithynia in Asia Minor , she became the consort of the future Roman Emperor Constantius Chlorus and the mother of the future Emperor Constantine the Great.
Louis de Wohl

St. Helena

Commemorated on May Helen was the mother of St. Constantine the Great, and was born at Drepanum Helenopolis in Asia Minor to parents of humble means. She married Constantius Chlorus, and their son Constantine was born in Constantius divorced her in in order to further his political ambitions by marrying a woman of noble rank.

Helena was the mother of Roman Emperor Constantine I. Dates: About CE to about CE; her birth year is estimated from a report by the contemporary historian Eusebius that she was about 80 near the time of her death. Feast Day: August 19 in the western church, and May 21 in the eastern church. The historian Procopius reports that Constantine named a city in Bithynia, Asia Minor, Helenopolis, to honor her birthplace, which implies but not with certainty that she was born there. That location is now in Turkey.

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His mother was Saint Helen, a Christian of humble birth. Saint Constantine was born in , possibly at Nish in Serbia. In , Constantius divorced Helen in order to further his political ambition by marrying a woman of noble rank. His father did not persecute Christians in the lands he governed. This was at a time when Christians were persecuted throughout the Roman Empire by the emperors Diocletian and his corulers Maximian Galerius in the East, and the emperor Maximian Hercules in the West. After the death of Constantius Chlorus in , Constantine was acclaimed by the army at York as emperor of Gaul and Britain. The first act of the new emperor was to grant the freedom to practice Christianity in the lands subject to him.

Helena , also called Helen , born c. See also True Cross. Helena was married to the Roman emperor Constantius I Chlorus , who renounced her for political reasons. When her son Constantine I the Great became emperor at York in , he made her empress dowager, and under his influence she later became a Christian. Fausta, in turn, was denounced by the grief-stricken Helena and was executed shortly afterward.

Helena was married to Roman Emperor Constantius and had a son who would become Constantine I, also known as Constantine the Great, the first Roman emperor to become a Christian. Helena, who converted as well, oversaw the construction of churches on Holy Land sites. She would later be credited with discovering the cross upon which Jesus Christ is believed to have been crucified. Helena died circa in Nicomedia present-day Turkey. We strive for accuracy and fairness. If you see something that doesn't look right, contact us!

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  1. Helena is a revered saint amongst Christians around the world, particular the orthodox community, for her tireless work with the poor and her contributions to the early church.

  2. Commemorated on May 21 St. Helen was the mother of St. Constantine the Great , and was born at St. Helen, who was a Christian, may have influenced him in this decision. St. Helen did not survive to see the dedication of this temple.

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