What is a reprint edition

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what is a reprint edition

Bonsai: Reprint Edition by Kunio Kobayashi

Bonsai is the art of growing miniature potted trees. It is a true art form that requires special techniques such as pruning, wiring, fertilizing and watering. In addition to enjoying the visual aesthetic of bonsai trees, people also appreciate the effort put into their creation and cultivation. In Japan, these graceful creations are often displayed in living rooms as symbols of the beauty of nature. During the Edo period, bonsai became a popular hobby enjoyed by nobles and common people alike, and it is still a popular pastime for enthusiasts all over the world. Over the years, bonsai has come to be considered more of an art form than a simple hobby because of the appreciation and patronage of bonsai by people of noble birth, including the Japanese Imperial Family. Bonsai Reprint Edition is a collection of exquisite photographs of bonsai trees. Arranged by month, this reprint edition features many seasonal examples of these exquisite miniature trees throughout the year, now in a more compact and economical format.
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A reprint is a re-publishing of material that has already been previously published. The word reprint is used in many fields. Word in Definition.
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February 27, I use Turabian's 7th edition style manual, and it calls for indicating when an edition is a reprint edition.

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