What are the most banned books in america

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what are the most banned books in america

Banned Book Lists

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Published 16.10.2019

Top 10 Books That Have Been Banned

Parents and library patrons regularly band together to demand that certain books be pulled from public shelves , citing a desire to protect readers from coarse language, sexual themes, or other perceived offenses. Take a gander at the infographic below from Readers.

Top Ten Most Challenged Books Lists

The American Library Association condemns censorship and works to ensure free access to information. The lists are based on information from media stories and voluntary challenge reports sent to OIF from communities across the United States. The Top Ten lists are only a snapshot of book challenges. Sometimes OIF receives information as the challenge is happening; other times OIF receives an online report years later. This affects the total number of challenges reported in any given year.

A challenged book is one that is sought to be removed or otherwise restricted from public access, typically from a library or a school curriculum. This is a list of the most commonly challenged books in the United States. The OIF gathers their data from media reports from reports from librarians and teachers. According to the OIF, the top three reasons for challenging such materials were that they contained "sexually explicit" content, "offensive" language, or were "unsuited to age group". The list is sorted alphabetically by default. Included is each book's rank in the ALA's lists of top challenged books by decade if applicable. Research suggests that for each challenge reported there are as many as four or five which go unreported.

Both classic books and contemporary novels have been banned in schools due to "profanity," plotlines "centered around negative activity," "X-rated" content, and "Satanic" themes.
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This is a question that has interested me for several years, and I thought I would share my list of the 5 Most Banned Books in America. None of these books has ever appeared in any American Library Association banned books press release or list. None of them are ever or hardly ever mentioned in stories about Banned Books Week in the press. This list is the work of Scott Brown, and does not reflect the opinions of anyone else at Eureka Books. Greaves II.

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