What is the kingdom age

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what is the kingdom age

Our Rich Root: Kingdom Promises For The Kingdom Age by Stan Newton

Our Rich Root’ follows the history of a covenant people that God calls an ‘Olive Tree.’ Beginning with Abraham and throughout the generations God gave this people covenants, promises and prophecies. Nevertheless, the ‘Olive Tree’ was slowly dying as they rebelled against their God, the future looked bleak and the promises were out of reach. How will God keep his Word? He sends his Messiah to prune the tree and then he grafts in another people. Now the ‘Olive Tree’ is healthy. ‘The Israel of God’ is reborn through Jesus and receives everything that was promised. This new people of God, ‘The Church’ now receives the blessings of Abraham and has the task to take them to the nations.
‘Out Rich Root’ begins with the theology of Israel and then explores 50 Old Testament passages that are being fulfilled in and through the church. Don’t give away your inheritance. Experience the richness of the ‘Rich Root.’
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"The Kingdom Age" by Pastor Apollo Quiboloy on Sounds of Worship (1 Hour Video)

Church In The Kingdom Age – By Ron McGatlin

Spirit God infiltrates our spirit being with His desires, thoughts, feelings, and urgings that bring guidance and purpose into our lives. This wonderful life is for all who are redeemed through faith in the blood of the cross of Christ Jesus and restored by the resurrected life of Christ Jesus within by the Holy Spirit. It is for everyone who is permeated in spirit, soul, and body with the love work of grace of Father God in Christ by the Holy Spirit. Our life is no longer ours. We are bought with a price and become as willing bond servants until fully matured as Sons of God doing the business of Heavenly Father on earth. Individual personal and generational maturing precedes worldwide corporate body advancement in the plan of God. The process begins with being born again as babes in Christ and moves on to being Spirit filled Jesus followers or grown up believers.

He says this and that and we just believe. No man can come into the kingdom except as a child. He said we would live in many mansions.. We would walk on streets of gold. It hard in our human state to comprehend this in an eternal kingdom we have never experienced. We will need no more sun for God Himself shall be our light. You state,

The Age of Kingdom Is the Age of Word

In the Age of Kingdom, God uses words to usher in the new age, to change the means by which He works, and to do the work of the entire age. This is the principle by which God works in the Age of Word. He became flesh to speak from different perspectives, so that man could truly see God, who is the Word appearing in the flesh, and could behold His wisdom and wondrousness. Such work is done in order better to achieve the goals of conquering man, perfecting man, and eliminating man, which is the true meaning of the use of words to work in the Age of Word. Through these words, people come to know the work of God, the disposition of God, the essence of man, and what man ought to enter into. Through words, the work God wishes to do in the Age of Word is brought to fruition in its entirety.

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