Biography of the blessed virgin mary

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biography of the blessed virgin mary

The Life of the Blessed Virgin Mary: From the Visions of Ven. Anne Catherine Emmerich by Anne Catherine Emmerich

Having grown up Protestant, where Mary is rarely mentioned except around Christmas, but even then almost casually. This book was quite a revelation. I knew nothing of her or Joseph family background. I found the story of Joachims and Anna an inspiring story of faith. How difficult it was for Joseph, to marry Mary and then by faith to stay with her and Jesus and protect them even it meant giving up every thing he had to follow Gods words. It would have been so much easier for him to turn his back on Mary. I also like the story of the the Three Kings, who were far from perfect yet traveled toward that cluster of stars, full of believe and hope. I throughly enjoyed this book and would recommend it if you have any interest in the Life of Mary
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Life of the Virgin Mary 1 of 8 (FREE audiobook)

Mary , also called St.
Anne Catherine Emmerich

Mary the Blessed Virgin

Mary, also known as St. The Virgin Mother "was, after her Son, exalted by divine grace above all angels and men. Mary is venerated with a special cult, called by St. Thomas Aquinas, hyperdulia, as the holiest of all creatures. The main events of her life are celebrated as liturgical feasts of the universal Church. Mary's life and role in the history of salvation is foreshadowed in the Old Testament, while the events of her life are recorded in the New Testament.

The most comprehensive stories about the early childhood of Mary are attributed to the Gospel of Luke and the Gospel of James. This has been documented by historians as being written prior to the year AD. She,more than anyone else knows the mystery of mercy that reaches its climax on Calvary. Why then has the significance of the Virgin Mary been slowly eroded away by the church? We talk much of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost.

It would take hundreds of books to describe the life of Our Lady, so this is just a humble presentation attempting to make us know her better. T he Blessed Virgin Mary was born to St.
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Biblical references

She accompanied Joseph to Bethlehem , where Jesus was born. According to Catholic and Orthodox teachings, at the end of her earthly life her body was raised directly into Heaven ; this is known in the Christian West as the Assumption. Mary has been venerated since early Christianity , [8] [9] and is considered by millions to be the most meritorious saint of the religion. She is said to have miraculously appeared to believers many times over the centuries. There is significant diversity in the Marian beliefs and devotional practices of major Christian traditions.

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  1. Mary was a first-century BC Galilean Jewish woman of Nazareth, and the mother of Jesus, Among her many other names and titles are the Blessed Virgin Mary ( often abbreviated to "BVM", or "BMV" after the Latin "Beata . Mary is involved in the only event in Jesus' adolescent life that is recorded in the New Testament.

  2. Mary serves as the patron saint of all human beings, watching over them with motherly care due to her role as the mother of Jesus Christ , whom Christians believe is the world's savior.

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