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blood on the dance floor

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Michael Jackson - Blood On The Dance Floor 2017

Blood on the Dance Floor is an American electronic music act from Orlando, Florida, formed in The group's longest-standing lineup, from

Combichrist Boot Blood on the Dance Floor Off Tour for Alleged Pedophilia Past

Dahvie Vanity aka Jesus David Torres of electro-pop act Blood On The Dance Floor has been accused of sexual assault by several women, many of whom were underage at the time of the incident. Tye was a sophomore in high school when she first began communicating with year-old Torres in She met Torres at a local mall after Facebook and text conversations where she was upfront with him about her age. She thought they were going to another location, but Torres had other plans in mind. So I just let it happen. After waiting for them after the show, Torres obliged but instead signed the one she was wearing and grabbed her boobs in the process.

Me neither. But read on. Here are some examples:. Combichrist knew none of this when they invited Blood on the Dance Floor to open for them on their fall U. Combichrist explained in a Facebook post :. This has worked well for us in the past, and it was in this spirit that we invited Blood On The Dance Floor to tour with us.

For over a decade, Blood on the Dance Floor frontman Dahvie Vanity has been the focus of numerous rape and sexual assault allegations, most stemming from encounters with underaged fans. Yet for all the women who have spoken out against the electro-scene musician, his fan base remains rabid and he has yet to face legal repercussions. That night, he allegedly committed lewd and lascivious battery against Farrell, forcing her to perform oral sex on him. As Blood on the Dance Floor grew in popularity amongst young scenesters, Torres allegedly used his fame to continue molesting and abusing young fans. One of the girls later told police Torres had forced her to give him oral sex. After convincing her mother to let her stay the night, Torres later forced himself on Kay in the middle of the night as she was trying to go to the bathroom. Torres reportedly utilizes a grooming tactic in which he continues talking to victims after the initial assault as if nothing has happened, normalizing the abuse and their relationships.

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Spotify has removed all songs from Blood On The Dance Floor after vocalist Dahvie Vanity was accused of sexual assault by several women. Back in December , a total of 12 women, some who had also spoken to MetalSucks , came forward in a separate piece published by the Huffington Post. As the number of women who claim to have been assaulted by Torres rises to 21, 16 of them say they were underage at the time of their encounters. The majority of the allegations share that Torres forced them to perform oral sex. The other seven women reported that Torres either molested or raped them. As previously reported , the history of the allegations began in , which is the year Priscilla Hendry, was allegedly attacked at the age of

You can read more on that here. MetalSucks spoke with six women for their feature, and now three of those women, including Tye Burns and Shae , are also speaking with Huffington Post. HuffPost spoke to a dozen women total who say Torres sexually assaulted them between and While many used a full name, some are only identified by their first, fearing BOTDF fans will harass them. Torres still makes music, having released a new single this week. The first story comes from Priscilla Hendry who met Torres in when she was 15 and he was He pulled the car over and tried to kiss her a second time.

The group released nine studio albums before breaking up in following Von Monroe's departure. It was reformed by Vanity the following year, initially with Fallon Vendetta. As of , Dahvie Vanity is the sole member of the group. The group self-released their first album, Let's Start a Riot , in April During the recording of their second album, It's Hard to be a Diamond in a Rhinestone World , Mongillo and Fugate left, and the band was picked up by producer and writer Rusty "Lixx" Wilmot. During the recording of this album, Garrett Marshal McLaughlin "Garrett Ecstasy" was recruited to do backup vocals and screaming. The CD was self-released in October , in copies.

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