Leo king of the jungle

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leo king of the jungle

Leo The Lion, King Of The Jungle by W.S. Craig

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Published 22.09.2019

Leo the Lion -King of the Jungle (TEASER)

Leo – King of the Zodiac

Barack Obama, Madonna and Tom Brady are accomplished, dynamic, and possess an undeniable star quality. Is it a coincidence that they were all born between July 23 rd and August 22 nd — under the astrological sign of Leo? Born in the heat of the summer, Leos are ruled by the sun — the source of light and life at the center of the universe. Your typical Leo naturally seeks out the spotlight, jockeying to be the center of attention in any group. Competitive in work, sports and even relationships, they use their considerable creativity and energy in their quest to be number one.

This pile of lion dung is not available on Youtube. However, it is available on Dailymotion. It can be viewed, but be warned that this is one of the worst 2D animated mockbusters you'll ever see. The movie begins with Leo, our protagonist, bragging about him being king through a song sung by somebody else. After this minute scene, the story immediately cuts to Tooey and his mother doing Tooey's mother is then caught by poachers and is hurled off with all of the other badly-animated animals. Tooey visits his mother and tries to free her, but is almost caught by the poachers.

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Leo the Lion: King of the Jungle is a minute direct-to-video animated film, originally released in Leo voiced by Garry Chalk is the lion king of the jungle, but unfortunately he doesn't know well what a king's job is. He believes it is his right to do as he pleases, even if it means disrupting the peace of others or being plain rude to them. As a king, Leo thinks everyone should look out for his well-being and comfort. One day, Leo meets a lion cub named Tooey voiced by Andrea Libman whose mother has been recently taken away and who comes to Leo for help.

With the Sun as the ruler of this Sign, how can any Leo fail to be a star! Proud as peacocks, their stately bearing and noble manner confers upon them a regal presence which attracts respect from others. Just as well, since they thrive on praise and adulation — so much so in fact, that many are all too often taken in by empty flattery. See how the Astrology of impacts the Leo lifestyle with Leo free Horoscope. However, because they are warm, generous, open and passionate in all they do, the sunny dispotion of the Leo usually cheers the hearts of those they touch. At work and play, the colourful and extroverted personalities of this group lend themselves quite readily to the worlds of fashion and design. The entertainment business also calls Leos, who turn to the limelight as a flower turns to the Sun.

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  1. As the lion is king of the jungle, so Leo's natural inclination is to rule. With the Sun as the ruler of this Sign, how can any Leo fail to be a star! Dynamic.

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