Why are boat steering wheels on the right

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why are boat steering wheels on the right

Steer Quotes (18 quotes)

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Basic Pontoon Steering Wheel Over-steer or more left or more right turning

Starboard steering on American powerboats explained So if you're on the right side of the boat you have a better view of who you have to.

Why Is a Steering Wheel on the Right Side of a Boat?

Like other elements of boating, the placement of the steering wheel is based on both ancient customs and practical concerns. Steering on the right-hand side is likely as old as boating itself. According to the column "The Straight Dope," the steering wheel is on the right side of power boats for mechanical reasons. Boat propellers spin clockwise and the torque on the propeller caused the right side of older model boat hulls to rise out of the water. Boat designers placed the steering wheel on the right so that the weight of the boat's operator would keep the boat even in the water. The steering apparatus was on the right side of boats long before the invention of engines and propellers, however. The earliest boats were propelled and steered by paddles.

View Full Version : Why are boat steering wheels usually on the right side? I was just wondering It's not only when accelerating, but when just riding as well. In the past when boats were smaller, they were much more prone to leaning from the effects of propeller torque. The OMC's turned to the right, so the driver was on the right to offset the lean. This was in the days of 13 and 14 foot boats that were fairly light.

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The steering wheel position on the right allows boater's to watch in their The final reasons why boat steering wheels are typically on the right.
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Modern Explanation

It may seem like an arbitrary decision, but the reasons behind it are actually as old as sailing itself. So why are boat steering wheels on the right side? There are a few explanations that have arisen over the years, making the full story an interesting and many-layered tapestry. The modern day rudder is responsible for steering boats today, but before this became the common steering apparatus, boats were steered by a specialized oar. This oar was located on the right-hand starboard side of the boat and was held by a sailor who was situated near the stern.

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