Are the beaumont childrens parents alive

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are the beaumont childrens parents alive

The Satin Man: Uncovering the mystery of the missing Beaumont children by Alan Whiticker

On Australia Day 1966, the Beaumont children - Jane, Arna and Grant - disappeared from an Adelaide beach. Despite a large-scale police investigation and extensive media coverage, the case remains unsolved, bogged down by false leads and dead ends, an the Beaumont children were never seen again.

In 2006, author Alan Whiticker, assisted by researcher Stuart Mullins, wrote the definitive account of the siblings disappearance in Searching For The Beaumont Children. Since the publication of that book, fresh leads have been sceptically received, until one family in particular presented a remarkabl possibility - that their family patriarch, a man with a peculiar predilection for satin, might have been involved.

This book, The Satin Man, is th result of the six years that followed, in which Whiticker and Mullins continued their hunt for th truth. It details everything uncovered about the new potential suspect, a man of wealth and position, and sheds incredible new light on this decades old mystery.
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The Beaumont Children: What Really Happened?

Detective Chief Superintendent Des Bray told the media that nothing of interest to the investigation had been found and the latest search had been abandoned. Jim and Nancy Beaumont, now 92 and 90 years old respectively, have not spoken to the media since Mr Beaumont lives in a unit in Glenelg with live-in care, while Mrs Beaumont resides in a nursing home.
Alan Whiticker

Mother of missing Beaumont children, Nancy Beaumont, dies aged 92

THEIR lives torn apart by the kidnap and murder of their three children, Nancy and Jim have endured the longest and cruellest wait: will their hopes be dashed again? Jim and Nancy Beaumont, believed to now be aged 92 and 90 but long since separated, may be on the brink of having the biggest question of their tragic lives solved. Police are digging up the site of the old Castalloy factory in Adelaide, in the hope they will find a trace of the three children, and keeping Mr Beaumont updated from the scene. The estranged couple have over the years had their hopes raised with false leads that their children were still alive or, as the years rolled by, that their remains were about to be found. Sightings of the three Beaumont children at Glenelg Beach on the day they disappeared put them in the company of a tall, blond, thin-faced man with a suntan. After playing at the beach on January 26, , Jane, Arnna and Grant were seen with the man soon before they vanished. Source:News Corp Australia.

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Mrs Beaumont passed away on Monday in a nursing home and her death was confirmed in a notice published on Thursday. The Beaumont children Arnna, Grant and Jane. Credit: Fairfax Media. The disappearance of her three children — Jane, 9, Arnna, 7, and Grant, 4 — on Australia Day in is one of the country's most enduring mysteries. The children never returned after leaving their parents' home for an afternoon at Glenelg Beach.

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