Marco polo wrote an account of the marvels of

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marco polo wrote an account of the marvels of

The Travels by Marco Polo

Marco Polo (1254-1329) has achieved an almost archetypal status as a traveller, and his Travels is one of the first great travel books of Western literature, outside the ancient world. The Travels recounts Polos journey to the eastern court of Kublai Khan, the chieftain of the Mongol empire which covered the Asian continent, but which was almost unknown to Polos contemporaries. Encompassing a twenty-four year period from 1721, Polos account details his travels in the service of the empire, from Beijing to northern India and ends with the remarkable story of Polos return voyage from the Chinese port of Amoy to the Persian Gulf. Alternately factual and fantastic, Polos prose at once reveals the medieval imaginations limits, and captures the wonder of subsequent travel writers when faced with the unfamiliar, the exotic or the unknown.
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Marco polo wrote an account of the marvels of?

This one focusses on that grand ancient network of routes that facilitated the exchange of goods and ideas between the East and the West. It records a land of such fabulous difference that to enter it was like passing through a mirror; and it is this passage — from a still-provincial Europe to an empire of brilliant strangeness — which gives the tale even now a dream-like quality. Only with time has its portrait of China at the height of the Mongol dynasty — a portrait rich in details which once seemed too outlandish to be believed — been largely corroborated. So also Polo reaches beyond his immediate knowledge, his stories grow shaky with the fears and rumours of his time: with Tibetan astrologers conjuring tempests and thunderbolts, with the realm of Gog and Magog and the ruch bird which carries off elephants then drops them to smash on the ground before eating them. And black magicians effected the most famous miracle of all: the golden cups at the feast of the great khan, which levitated back and forth at his table before the eyes of the whole court. But in general Marco Polo was hard-headed.

Marco Polo wrote in great detail about the things he saw and wondered at on his travels on the Silk Road throughout Asia. Marco polo wrote a book called the travels of Marco polo. Marco Polo wrote the book, "Travels". So if you really need to know I would get a more trusted site or a biography of Marco Polo :. They learned it because Marco Polo wrote a book about it and everyone read it.

Marco Polo wrote an account of the marvels of. Asia. The Renaissance paved the way for the age of. Exploration and Descovery. Who Developed the stern.
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Marco Polo: The Travels of Marco Polo

Marco Polo is known for traveling along the Silk Road to China, where he explored and documented much of Asia not yet explored by Europeans. Introduction Marco Polo was a merchant in Venice before he became the famous explorer we know today. At 17, he left Venice with his father and uncle. Marco traveled much of China and the east, and his stories were written into a popular book. His book would go on to inspire other explorers. Not much is known of his early childhood.

The famous Venetian is believed to have left Venice at age 17 to embark on a year journey through the Persian Gulf and Asia, spending much of this time in China in the court of the great Mongol emperor Kublai Khan. The world that Polo described seemed quite strange and unbelievable to most readers, and even today many historians question the veracity of many of his stories. Some historians even doubt whether Marco Polo existed at all. I was very interested in learning more about this famous man and will share what I found during my research about the man, his amazing travels, and the legacy of Marco Polo. Very little is known about his childhood except details gained from his own book. He grew up in a Catholic family and lived his early life alone with his mother.

Last updated: May 24, Toggle navigation World Digital Library. Listen to this page. View Item. Later it was part of the library of the French book collector Alexandre Petau. He then spent 17 years serving Kublai Khan —94 , grandson of Genghis Khan and conqueror of China, for whom he undertook assignments in China as well as in South and Southeast Asia.

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