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who is the white stig

The Man in the White Suit: The Stig, Le Mans, the Fast Lane and Me by Ben Collins

Top Gears iconic driver, the Stig, is finally revealed!

Ben Collins divulges how he came to be Top Gears iconic driver, as well as what its like to thrash an Aston Martin DBS, train for the Army, face the terror of Jeremy Clarksons underwear, and much more. When the Black Stig disappeared off the end of an aircraft carrier in 2003, audiences were introduced to the White Stig—faster, stranger, and harder to keep clean. Ever since, millions have wondered—who is the man in the white suit? Theyre about to find out. Ben Collins caught the car the bug young, kicking his dads boss in the balls for not giving him a company Jag, and this was the attitude that eventually led him to spend seven years sharing a cabin with Jeremy Clarksons underwear, James Mays PhD thesis, and Richard Hammonds hairspray. Now he tells all about life inside the iconic white helmet: what its like to guide a blind ex-RAF officer around the Top Gear track, pit a drug dealers Mitsubishi Evo against a Trojan tank, set a Vauxhall Monaro against Chloe the dancing Ninja, and race double-decker Routemasters against bendy buses—not to mention all the inside stuff on how the shows amazing driving sequences are made. He also reveals how he got to be there—setting a Dunsfold lap time faster than Michael Schumachers. Its an awesome story, told by an amazing man.
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When he's not driving - The Stig's Teenage Cousin - Race The Stig - Top Gear

Jeremy Clarkson: the Stig is 'sacked'

More than one person has donned the classic white helmet for the upcoming 26th series. And in news that may surprise misogynistic fans of the long running BBC car based entertainment series, it would seem the speed addict is in fact a woman and that there is more than one Stig. Fans of Top Gear will be more than familiar with the helmeted and racing jump suit adorning driver - who wears a distinctive and pristine white outfit. But the identity has always been a well guarded secret - however photographs and reports from Wales appear to have unmasked the driver. The Mail on Sunday has images they claim show two people dressed as The Stig while filming on location in Wales.

There has been frenzied speculation about the true identity of the character since he was named in press reports as year-old Bristol-based Le Mans racer and stuntman Ben Collins. Last week it was claimed that he is played by four different men, but the Daily Mail now claims to have has tracked down no fewer than eight drivers who have slipped into the white racing overalls. Original Stig returns. The Stig 'unmasked' as F1's Michael Schumacher. The Stig: Jeremy Clarkson's new revelation.

The year-old let his secret slip when he asked them to help him produce a limited-edition print of The Stig in action. Gallery owner Simon Whitehead, 27, said: "I was absolutely amazed when he said he was The Stig, it was quite a big thing in a weird way. Builder Jason Goody, 21, also discovered The Stig's identity when he did some work at Collins' home and found the famous white suit and gloves on display in a cabinet. One YouTube clip shows The Stig, in full disguise, talking with a Bristol accent to a foreign TV crew — and then cuts to Collins sounding very similar. Original Stig returns.

And yesterday, the Scots driver refused to deny he is the latest man to don the famous white suit and helmet. The former Touring Car champ — nicknamed Flash — was outed by fans who claim to have spotted a string of Stig-nificant clues.
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Top Gear co-host Jeremy Clarkson has said that the man who plays the Stig is "sacked" and admitted he was "hurt" that Ben Collins decided to unmask himself as the show's anonymous white-suited driver. Clarkson said that "Top Gear is damaged but not out", adding that he has spent the last three weeks "doing nothing but work out what to do instead", after it emerged that Collins was planning to out himself as the Stig in his autobiography. The BBC failed last week to have an injunction granted to stop Collins, the racing driver who has played the Stig since , from publishing his book. Clarkson said he felt "a bit hurt really". It was horrible actually because I liked him and he came round to my house and had drinks and all that time he was writing a book," he added, in a video interview published online today by Oxfordshire-based community news service WitneyTV.

For years the identity of BBC TV's Top Gear test driver, the Stig, has been the subject of frenzied speculation but now his identity appears to have been revealed and the aura of mystery surrounding him may be further shattered by his plan to publish his memoirs. The name of the driver who hides his identity behind a white helmet with a blackened visor was revealed today as Ben Collins, 35, a former Formula Three driver, described on his website as boasting "a reputation for being fast and aggressive". Last week, the BBC confirmed it was trying to put the brakes on the Stig's planned autobiography, saying it breached "agreed contractual and confidentiality obligations" relating to the programme. Then the Sunday Times named Collins based on the financial reports of his company, Collins Autosport. In December , a month after the new Stig's first appearance — an all white-clad driver replacing the previous "black" Stig — a report noted the company had recorded a "cornerstone year" based partly on "driving services provided for the BBC, mainly in the Top Gear programme". The document recorded it offered "good long-term prospects for continuing income".

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