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the westing game theo theodorakis

Character profile for Theo Theodorakis from The Westing Game (page 1)

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90 Years Mikis Theodorakis (Full Album)

Cole Larson The Westing Game.
Ellen Raskin

A List of All the Characters in The Westing Game by Ellen Raskin

Jake is kind and friendly to Mrs. A shallow woman, she dotes on beautiful Angela and ignores her other daughter. Grace dreams of being an interior decorator. Paired with Jimmy Hoo in the Westing Game, she eventually realizes that her true calling is the restaurant business. Angela Wexler: With blonde hair, blue eyes and an angel face, Angela resembles the deceased Violet Westing — in more ways than one. Angela completed a year of college and wants to be a doctor; however, her mother is planning her dream wedding with plastic surgery intern Denton Deere. Painfully obedient to her mother, Angela sets off a firework bomb rather than speak out against the engagement.

Turtle Wexler - The year old daughter of Grace and Jake Wexler, Turtle is very bright, though somewhat unruly and vexing. She gets in trouble a bit at school, mostly due to the radio chip in her ear that keeps her in touch with the stock market reports after the beginning of the game. Turtle is very sensitive about her hair, and throughout the book if anyone touched her hair they would be kicked in the shins. Her real name is Tabitha-Ruth Wexler, and is referred to later in the story as T. Wexler as an adult. She has few close relationships except with her partner, Flora Baumbach, whom Turtle calls Baba.

It won the Newbery Medal recognizing the year's most distinguished contribution to American children's literature. The Westing Game was ranked number nine among all-time children's novels in a survey published by School Library Journal in Its choice as a Medal book underscores the problematic question: Can a distinguished book also be a popular book? Sunset Towers is a new apartment building on Lake Michigan, north of Milwaukee and just down the shore from the mansion owned by reclusive self-made millionaire Samuel W. Despite its name, Sunset Towers faces east — into the sunrise.

Character Analysis

Who does that? A really nice guy, that's who. When we first meet Theo, he's a high school senior, and a little bit in Doug Hoo's shadow. While he has his own ambitions to be a writer and get a higher education, Theo is almost too willing to sacrifice those things for his family. Even though he has a partial scholarship to a university, he's going to walk away so his family has enough money to take care of his brother's medical needs. When he unconsciously defines himself as a brother first, he has to pause to think about what that really means; while he might resent it a little, he can't be too upset when he compares himself to how his brother Chris conducts himself with such a pure spirit in a really tough situation:.


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  1. His parents own a coffee shop in Sunset Towers and his brother is Chris Theodorakis. His partner in the Westing Game is Doug Hoo. He helps his brother out.

  2. LsterName: Theo Theodorakis Apartment Number: 2D Partner: Doug Hoo Clues: HIS N ON(or NO) TO THEE FOR Interpretations: 1. First, Theo thought the clues.

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