The alchemist by ben jonson in hindi

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the alchemist by ben jonson in hindi

The Alchemist by Ben Jonson


I didnt expect to be able to give The Alchemist a rating above one star, as I didnt know that there was an exquisite alternative version, a prequel so to say, written several centuries before the rubbish novel, in 1610, showing the reverse development of human intelligence and wit from then until the arrival of Coelho, when sheepish worship of empty words and stupid comparisons became popular. The omens however are provided (much to my disturbance) in the earlier text already, for in the initial dialogue of Bensons play I read:

Oh, let the wild sheep loose!

How did he know?

He is a wise man, that Ben Jonson, and addresses his audience as follows:

Fortune, that favours fools, these two short hours
We wish away, both for your sake and ours,
Judging spectators; and desire in place
To the author justice, to ourselves but grace.
Our scene is London, cause we would make known
No countrys mirth is better than our own.

Fortune that favours fools let the whole universe conspire to make this spectacularly funny play remain almost unread while one fool of our times wrote another Alchemist to let the wild sheep enthusiastically loose on it.

Jonson also prematurely explains some rather bizarre developments in the world in the doomsday-like year of 2016 with this simple acknowledgement of human character:

I speak not this out of a hope to do good on any man against his will, for I know, if it were put to the question of theirs and mine, the worse would find more suffrages, because the most favour common errors!

If this is not enough to make you want to read the real Alchemist, let me tell you that it is full of old-fashioned English indecencies. It actually made me blush to look up some of them in the dictionary. And, as icing on the cake, it contains an introductory argument in the form of an acrostic poem.

Till it, and they, and all in fume are gone.

What happens before that, you will have to find out for yourselves, because I actually, unbelievably, truly, really, without sarcasm, sheepishly, somewhat surprisedly, recommend you to read : THE ALCHEMIST!

It is a good medicine against the other one!
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The Alchemist Ep. 01

The Alchemist Play by Ben Jonson || Full Story Summary in Hindi || Act The Alchemist Play by Ben Jonson || Full Story Summary in Hindi || Act.
Ben Jonson

Ben jonson the alchemist summary in hindi

The Sidneys were one of the great families of the time and synonymous with virtue and patriotism. Her uncle was the great poet and diplomat. Her approval of his book will give it its value. To the Reader Jonson criticizes what passes on the stage at the present time as unworthy. He asks for discriminating readers of his work and more harmony and skill in the art of drama. It takes place in the home of Lovewit, a gentleman who has gone to the country in fear of the plague, and left the house in charge of his butler, Jeremy.

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Volpone, a Venetian nobleman, has no relative to make his heir; he must name someone his beneficiary. Several rivals try to attain his favor by bringing the sick Volpone gifts that they hope will be returned tenfold. Mosca, a clever parasite to Volpone, encourages the three major gulls to give until it hurts. These birds of prey are Voltore, a lawyer; Corbaccio, an old miser about to die himself; and Corvino, a rich merchant and husband to Celia, a beautiful lady of Venice. After each gull is fleeced before our eyes, Mosca encourages Volpone to think of seeking a greater treasure than gold: the wife of Corvino. After a sensuous description by Mosca, Volpone resolves to see this paragon of beauty.

A rich dude named Lovewit has hightailed it out of his London home and headed for the safety of his country estate because the plague has hit and city-dwellers are dropping like flies. While he's been away for about six weeks, his butler's been using the house to operate a bunch of scams and run a brothel. He's working with two of his pals, a conman named Subtle awesome name and a prostitute named Doll Common awesomer name. We find out at the end of the play that the butler's name is "Jeremy" but since his master has been away, he's disguised himself as a dude named "Face. The problem is: Face and Subtle are always fighting about who does more work and who deserves a bigger piece of the profits.

The Alchemist is a comedy by English playwright Ben Jonson. First performed in by the King's Men , it is generally considered Jonson's best and most characteristic comedy; Samuel Taylor Coleridge considered it had one of the three most perfect plots in literature. The play's clever fulfilment of the classical unities and vivid depiction of human folly have made it one of the few Renaissance plays except the works of Shakespeare with a continuing life on stage except for a period of neglect during the Victorian era. The Alchemist premiered 34 years after the first permanent public theatre The Theatre opened in London; it is, then, a product of the early maturity of commercial drama in London. Only one of the University Wits who had transformed drama in the Elizabethan period remained alive this was Thomas Lodge ; in the other direction, the last great playwright to flourish before the Interregnum , James Shirley , was already a teenager.

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  1. Lovewit has left for his hop-yards in London, and he has left Jeremy, his butler, in charge of his house in Blackfriars.

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