The scariest clown in the world

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the scariest clown in the world

Clowns Quotes (34 quotes)

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Published 11.09.2019

Clown Movie CLIP - Nose Operation (2016) - Andy Powers Horror Movie HD

No laughing matter: The scariest clowns from movies and TV

Does anyone actually like clowns? The remake of It out September 8 , the terrifying killer clown TV double-bill based on a Stephen King novel and starring Tim Curry, means that Pennywise the clown will get to terrify another generation of teenagers. Here are some of the worst offenders. Zeebo terrified us when were kid. Thanks, Nickelodeon.

A big red nose, a white painted face, and an oversized polka-dot tie. Clowns are a staple for circuses and childhood birthday parties — but also horror movies and nightmares. Some people are so scared of clowns there is an actual term for it: coulrophobia though that is not an official diagnosis. The excessive fear of clowns can cause panic, irregular heartbeat, difficulty breathing, sweating, and nausea. But if clowns, like Ronald McDonald, are supposed to be figures of fun, why are so many people scared of them? Dena Rabinowitz, a clinical psychologist told Business Insider. Clowns have a lot of qualities that press the creep detectors in our brain, and one of them is their human-like characteristics, Rabinowitz said.

All of them. To help us all increase our therapy bills, here are the ten creepiest clowns of all time. Thanks a lot, Rob Zombie. As a society, how are we cool with this? Seriously, what sort of parent would buy that for their children and then be the least bit surprised that demons are trying to murder them? Just get them a gift certificate next time.

9. Crazy Joe Davola

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  1. From monstrous, supernatural creatures like Pennywise to twisted, all-too-human killers with an affinity for colorful makeup, movie and TV clowns have provided plenty of nightmare fuel.

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