Three knocks at the door

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three knocks at the door

Three Knocks On Your Door: by T.W

A composition of three small stories, of the dead and the living, this short book leaves a long impression on the reader. From the light yet gripping play in Night Shift to the dark and brilliant tale of Yunis Khan Durrani, the book ascends into darkness. It flights from clear thrills to a disturbing peace in its brief lifespan. A must read for the one looking to a light book that is deep in sensation.
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3 Knocks on my door Last Night... I'm not Kidding.

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Explore the Superstition that Says 3 Knocks Predict Doom

So I read somewhere recently, and I honestly think it was a Catholic site, but one that tends to get a little out there sometimes, that if you hear 3 knocks distinctly in a row it means someone you love will pass away soon. I ignore these things normally but shortly after that I did hear the 3 knocks, very clearly, no more no less, just hanging out in my room. I thought it was odd though as I had never remember this every happening in my life, but maybe the article made me more away of it. I dismissed it and forgot about it. That is, until my young 30s cousin passed away very unexpectedly he was not sick to our knowledge shortly after, perhaps a week or so.

The passing of a loved one defines life for most human beings. Since most people died at home, there were household customs that needed to be respected, such as covering mirrors to avoid trapping the spirit, stopping the clocks at the time of death and drawing all the curtains. Sometime family photos would be placed face down to avoid possessing any of the living with the spirit of the deceased. The body was kept in the house for days after death for the wake, which partially allowed for reassurance that the person was actually dead, and also for traveling relatives to visit. If the deceased has lived a good life, flowers would bloom on his grave; but if he has been evil, only weeds would grow.

It's true I heard five Knocks and ignored it, then the next day again five Knocks slowly like 1 sec apart when I woke up I saw a flash of light, I later found out a girl I had a crush on in school committed suicide, I miss her very much Post a Comment. Pages Home Favorite Posts Contact. An old superstition states that when a person hears three knocks, it means someone has died. In many paranormal tales when three knocks are heard at the door, and no one is there this means someone has died or is about to.

An old superstition says that if you hear three knocks that seemingly have no cause, someone you know will die. Silly, right?

It was dawn and I suddenly woke up. I decided to transfer to our comfy sofa bed beside the main door. Then I didn't know how I fell asleep. And when I suddenly woke up, or sudden waking state. I saw a shadow of a man on the main door screen. He's standing there looking or seems looking at me.



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