Phantom vs phantom of the opera

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phantom vs phantom of the opera

The Phantom of the Opera - The Best Phantom so far? Showing 1-18 of 18

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Wandering Child - 2004 Film - The Phantom of the Opera

Later, when Father Daae is dying--probably of tuberculosis--he tells Christine that when he dies he will send the Angel of Music to her.

Phantom of the Opera Broadway Version vs Las Vegas Version - Las Vegas Forum

I'm traveling to London in April and would like to see a musical on my birthday! I'm trying to decide between Phantom of the Opera or Wicked. I've heard that its often possible to get discount Phantom tickets at the TKTS office, so if we decided to see that show we would wait until we got to London to purchase tickets. Any suggestions about which would be the "safer" route? We're going to do the show on a Tuesday, so is there a good chance we'll be able to get Phantom tickets half-price on the day of? I can't give you any advice regarding TKTS vs booking ahead, because we always book ahead.

Deborah is a research enthusiast! She takes special interest in the world's ancient mysteries. There has been many adaptations and spin offs of The Phantom of the Opera. One is always just as good as the next, with their virtues as well as inadequacies. If anyone reading this article has not read the book or is planning to watch the musical, the climax of the plot will be revealed. This article will discuss some of the most significant differences between the musical and the mysterious story.

Falling chandelier? Fog machine? Working overtime. Both are based on a French novel by Gaston Leroux that started life in as a newspaper serialization. It is no pale imitation.

“Phantom,” now playing at the Gateway Playhouse in Bellport, is not “The Phantom of the Opera,” Andrew Lloyd Webber’s version of the same story set in the Paris opera house. With music and lyrics by Maury Yeston and book by Arthur Kopit, who together created the musical “Nine.
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Obviously one is more widely known, but I don't love Yeston's music. And I really do love his music in other shows. - Post a Comment.

Long before it became a Broadway record-breaker, Phantom had been adapted into melodramas, silent films, matinee thrillers, and even a ballet. The music from the Hill production combined bits of classic opera melodies with witty and often silly lyrics. While Sir Webber was developing his Phantom , the creators of the Fellini-inspired Nine were brainstorming ideas for their next project. The Kopit and Yeston musical collected dust for a while, but in the early 90s, the playwright was hired to adapt Phantom as a miniseries. Although the show has never been on Broadway, it has attained a following, pleasing audiences at regional and community theaters. The score emulates the style of turn-of-the-century operettas, traversing from the romantically ethereal to the melodramatically brooding.

Phantom is a musical with music and lyrics by Maury Yeston and a book by Arthur Kopit. Although it has never appeared on Broadway and has been overshadowed by the success of the Andrew Lloyd Webber musical, Yeston and Kopit's Phantom has received over 1, productions. Holder had obtained the rights to musicalize the novel in America from the Leroux estate, making Phantom the only Phantom of the Opera musical to do so. Initially, Yeston was skeptical of the project. That's the worst idea in the world! Why would you want to write a musical based on a horror story?

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  1. So, I've been delving into Yeston's Phantom having loved Grand Hotel and Titanic (and December Songs), and just curious about what you all.

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