The cactus by o henry plot

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the cactus by o henry plot

The Cactus by O. Henry

I loved the irony of this story. Im not going to spoil the story but I love how the author tried to picture out the dilemma of the people in this story. Yes, this is romance but not that kind of romance that full of action-pack-words-swooning-legs-crumbling-emotions-bursting but nevertheless this is romance and I loved the simplicity and the narrative it delivers. It tackles about male egoism/pride and female romanticism. And I just like the fact that it was not tragic but very very VERY twisted end to finish a story. As a reader Im content on how it tried to captured my attention but as being me, I would love more. I would like to know if he wins the girl :>
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The Cactus by O. Henry

The basic storyline is simple. The story is set in Trysdale drawing room after the marriage ceremony. Trysdale saw an earthen green plant and it.
O. Henry

The Cactus by O. Henry: A Story About The Irony of Fate

For O. Henry, the short story was not just a literary act of communicating his artistic imagination, but also a vehicle to explore the extreme possibilities of such an endeavor. His stories are characterized by extreme unpredictability, transforming the genre into an active, pulsating living presence. The readers are , for the principal part of the story, invited into an assurance of predictable dullness when suddenly their trance is broken and they are awakened to a revelation. Poet, Blogger, Undergrad Professor. Literature and film enthusiast.

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I guess it's high time to share emotions and expectations. It was interesting to blog. It was a new experience for me, but it took a lot of time and I didn't manage to do my work in a proper way. From the very title I liked the story, though I didn't know the plot of it. I relied on my intuition and it didn't dissapointed me. I really liked the story.

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