Half of a yellow sun true story

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half of a yellow sun true story

Half of a Yellow Sun by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

A masterly, haunting new novel from a writer heralded by The Washington Post Book World as “the 21st-century daughter of Chinua Achebe,” Half of a Yellow Sun re-creates a seminal moment in modern African history: Biafra’s impassioned struggle to establish an independent republic in Nigeria in the 1960s, and the chilling violence that followed.

With astonishing empathy and the effortless grace of a natural storyteller, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie weaves together the lives of three characters swept up in the turbulence of the decade. Thirteen-year-old Ugwu is employed as a houseboy for a university professor full of revolutionary zeal. Olanna is the professor’s beautiful mistress, who has abandoned her life of privilege in Lagos for a dusty university town and the charisma of her new lover. And Richard is a shy young Englishman in thrall to Olanna’s twin sister, an enigmatic figure who refuses to belong to anyone. As Nigerian troops advance and the three must run for their lives, their ideals are severely tested, as are their loyalties to one another.

Epic, ambitious, and triumphantly realized, Half of a Yellow Sun is a remarkable novel about moral responsibility, about the end of colonialism, about ethnic allegiances, about class and race—and the ways in which love can complicate them all. Adichie brilliantly evokes the promise and the devastating disappointments that marked this time and place, bringing us one of the most powerful, dramatic, and intensely emotional pictures of modern Africa that we have ever had.
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'Half of a Yellow Sun' Official Film Trailer 2014

'Half of a Yellow Sun' Is a Powerful Portrait of the Nigerian Civil War

Life takes these three main characters to Nsukka, in the south, into what will become the heart of the Nigerian Civil War. Adichie digs into this political conflict, caused by the attempted secession of the southeastern provinces of Nigeria populated by the Igbo ethnic group as the self-proclaimed Republic of Biafra. The novel uses the economic, ethnic, cultural and religious tensions among the various peoples of Nigeria and draws out the emotional and psychological consequences of the conflict to construct a multidimensional version of this war. They are controlling us from behind drawn curtains. It is very dangerous!

For me, growing up in the north of Nigeria , the symbolism seemed very different: it showed one half of a wilfully bisected country, and I was living in the half that the insurrection had rendered invisible. The shocking revelation of this extraordinary novel was the extent to which invisibility was indeed the issue, but not in the way that I had believed. I was born just as Nigeria became independent, and have always found it hard to explain my relationship with it. My primary school, in the northern predominantly Muslim city of Kaduna, had posters of President Yakubu Gowon on the wall. In so far as one can talk of belonging, in a society where people blew in for three or four years and then blew out again, we belonged to a global middle class. For the first 14 years of my life we were the stayers, with Nigerian friends who had servants, as we did, some of whom had to be smuggled south when the war began.

Half of a Yellow Sun is a novel by Nigerian author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. Published in by Knopf/Anchor, the novel tells the story of the Biafran . Baby's real name is Chiamaka, which means "God is beautiful." Kainene picked it but it.
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Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie: 'Fear of causing offence becomes a fetish'

The film is historical fiction that follows two sisters who are caught up in the outbreak of the Nigerian Civil War. The film is interspersed with archival stock footage of television news broadcasts of political events in Nigeria. Spurning an offer to marry Finance Minister Festus Okotie-Eboh , Olanna decides to move in with her lover, the "revolutionary professor" Odenigbo Chiwetel Ejiofor , who teaches at the university in the Nigerian city of Nsukka. Meanwhile, Kainene takes over the family interests and pursues a career as a businesswoman, falling in love with Richard Churchill Joseph Mawle , an English writer. However, Olanna faces hostility from Odenigbo's mother "Mama" Onyeka Onwenu , who distrusts the highly-educated Olanna and considers her a witch.

Chino was born in Umuahia, Nigeria, one of the key settings of Adichie's novel, and we are delighted to bring you her thoughts on the film. We all have an opinion on when books are made into films. We have all watched the good, the bad and the ugly screen adaptations of some of our favourite literature. Never has going to see a film been so full of expectation for me. The story which starts before the Biafran war breaks out in Nigeria, follows the lives, loves and politics of four main characters as they deal with the chaos of families and living in a country unsure of its future. The characters that Adichie so cleverly surprises many of her readers with appear on screen even more true to themselves and even more real to the audience. Each character is given the space to be true to the story.

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