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lady elizabeth grey family tree

Elizabeth Widville, Lady Grey: Edward IVs Chief Mistress and the pink Queen by John Ashdown-Hill

Wife to Edward IV and mother to the Princes in the Tower and later Queen Elizabeth of York, Elizabeth Widville was a central figure during the War of the Roses. Much of her life is shrouded in speculation and myth - even her name, commonly spelled as Woodville, is a hotly contested issue.

Born in the turbulent fifteenth century, she was famed for her beauty and controversial second marriage to Edward IV, who she married just three years after he had displaced the Lancastrian Henry VI and claimed the English throne. As Queen Consort, Elizabeths rise from commoner to royalty continues to capture modern imagination. Undoubtedly, it enriched the position of her family. Her elevated position and influence invoked hostility from Richard Neville, the Kingmaker, which later led to open discord and rebellion.

Throughout her life and even after the death of her husband, Elizabeth remained politically influential: briefly proclaiming her son King Edward V of England before he was diposed by her brother-in-law, the infamous Richard III, she would later play an important role in securing the succession of Henry Tudor in 1485 and his marriage to her daughter Elizabeth of York, thus and ending the War of the Roses.

Elizabeth Widville was an endlessly enigmatic historical figure, who has been obscured by dramatizations and misconceptions. In this fascinating and insightful biography, Dr John Ashdown-Hill brings shines a light on the truth of her life.
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Elizabeth Woodville (c. – 8 June ) was Queen consort of England, as the spouse of King Edward IV from until his death in At the time of her birth, her family was of middle rank in the English social In about , Elizabeth Woodville married Sir John Grey of Groby, the heir to the Barony Ferrers of.
John Ashdown-Hill

Elizabeth Grey, Viscountess Lisle

In the s Britain was embroiled in a civil war known as the Cousins War, or the Wars of the Roses. Most people remember the Kings and the many battles… but behind the scenes Elizabeth Woodville was always there, pulling strings to keep her children from harm and to bring them to greatness. At around Jacquetta Woodville, wife to the Earl of Rivers, gave birth to a daughter named Elizabeth. She was a determined woman who wanted to make sure that her children had a powerful future ahead of them. When her daughter Elizabeth, the first of 14 children, was old enough she was sent to live with Lady Grey to learn how to become a lady and manage her own household. A year after the wedding Elizabeth gave birth to a son named Thomas, and then to her second son Richard in

So, though the Woodville family certainly had connections Elizabeth was not considered nobility, a fact which would come to be quite significant later in her life. We do not know the exact date of her birth; all we can say for certain is that it was around and that she was born in Grafton Regis, Northamptonshire. Together they had two sons. With the tide of the Wars of the Roses turning to the Yorkist cause, Woodville was an outcast. Her husband's lands were seized by the crown, and she was forced to live with her parents at Grafton.

Follow the ancestry, siblings and children of the Queen Consort of Edward IV Lady Jane Grey was also a great-granddaughter of Elizabeth of.
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Elizabeth Woodville

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