Deadly magic tricks gone wrong

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deadly magic tricks gone wrong

Funny But True Quotes (254 quotes)

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Published 14.08.2019

Magician Accidentally Decapitates Assistant with Chainsaw

7 Magic Tricks That Went Horribly Wrong

Magic isn't just for people who were lonely as children or thought it might be a way to pick up girls. It's also for the professionals, people who make a living out of pushing themselves farther than anyone else. But sometimes magic pushes back and tragedy can strike. If you're going to compare yourself to the best magician ever, Harry Houdini, you'd better be damn good at what you do. Unfortunately for Joseph Burrus, who according to the LA Times considered himself the next great illusionist, his career came to just as sudden an end as that of his idol. Normally, burying yourself alive seems pretty crazy, but the ex-drug addict was doing it for a good cause: the Third Floor drug recovery clinic. While innocent children who were about to grow up really fast watched, Burrus was handcuffed and chained up, put in a see-through coffin, and lowered into a hole 7 feet deep.

These Doomed Magic Acts That Ended In Tragedy are not illusions at all - and some of these magic tricks have even proven to be deadly. and sometimes took others down with them - thanks to magic tricks gone awry. He was submerged in the milk can for three minutes before his wife realized something was wrong.
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Joseph W. Burrus fails his idol

Magician Stunt Failed (Performer Dead) - जादूगर स्टंट विफल (कलाकार मृत)

At the start of magic tricks and illusions, the audience is often warned not to try the trick for themselves. Even being a professional magician is sometimes not enough. The most dangerous tricks are usually performed by a certain type of illusionist, known as an escapologist. They are sometimes also known as escape artists and their acts include escaping from handcuffs, straitjackets, cages, coffins, steel boxes, and water tanks. They most often escape from a series of restraints and add dangerous elements like water and lack of air to heighten the excitement for the audience. Vivian Hensley was a middle-aged dentist from Brisbane, Australia who liked to sometimes perform a little sleight of hand magic trick for his young son. Little did he know that this innocent act would one day claim his life — in a particularly gruesome way.

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  1. But it isn't the first time a magic trick has gone horribly wrong. look at the other stunts that didn't go to plan - often with deadly consequences.

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