Should i stay in india or go abroad

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should i stay in india or go abroad

Pakistani Readers - Debates n Discussions : Debate: Moving abroad or staying to work for your country? Showing 1-50 of 73

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Published 12.08.2019

Consciousness: The Ultimate Intelligence – Sadhguru [Full Talk]

"You should carry all warm clothes, I heard it is very cold out there," my of our relatives and friends were already informed of us going abroad.

MY STORY: After Living Abroad, You Won’t Believe What I Miss the Most About India!

From better infrastructure, facilities and standard of living in some countries, to finer career prospects and financial stability in others, the reasons why Indians move to foreign nations are numerous. Their move at the time however was just an experimental one. The family would fly back to Connecticut if they, especially the children, faced any major issues like health and adjustment related ones. Instead of moving to Chennai, where Venkatesh hails from, they relocated to cosmopolitan Bengaluru which boasts of pleasant weather round the year. The children were put in an international school, keeping in mind the language gap and their interests.

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To HSB-Thanks for posting the previous articles. I would also totally understand if you decide not to post this final article, given all the heat the previous article has generated. But, I feel I still have something left to say with this final article and I hope you post it if you feel it is relevant to your blog. My effort is to show the the other side of America, the harder side, the one which is seldom discussed or people are too scared to discuss. Time and again people have put India in a poorer light as compared to America and I want to do my bit in providing a balanced view. Also, some took offense at my language, so this time I will keep that in mind and mellow down my approach and keep it more euphemistic.

Ramya Sriram writes about her love for India, and what keeps drawing her back to her country. W hen I moved abroad, I did so with the intention of spending a glorious few years travelling to exotic places, exploring new cultures, and eventually returning to India. The more I think about it, the more I am unable to come up with any practical arguments. Delight at how beautiful the country is — I had expected it to be rainy and dull and grey — but all I see is just never-ending green, daffodils in bloom and long hours of sunshine. Frustration at having to start from scratch as a writer, cartoonist, spouse, as a person finding herself alien to a lot of what she thought she already knew.

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  1. Stay in India my is no point in leaving your cultural ties are so strong that not a day passes by when you don't think of.

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