Stay strong when someone dies

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stay strong when someone dies

Stay Strong Quotes (53 quotes)

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Published 12.08.2019

What To Say (and Not Say) When Someone Dies or Suffers a Tragedy

SAY: NOTHING! Sometimes silence is more comforting than words. 3. DON'T SAY: Stay strong. ​When someone passes, it's perfectly normal.

9 Things Not to Say to Someone Who's Grieving

If you know someone that is after the recent loss of a loved one, share these insightful quotes about death to help them in their time of suffering. Often times, people will judge the way someone else grieves because it is not the same as the way that they would personally mourn. But this is also the good news. And you come through. If I can see joy in your eyes, then share with me your smile. When you are standing in that forest of sorrow, you cannot imagine that you could ever find your way to a better place.

These classically overused words of condolence are bestowed upon our bereaved loved ones as easily and carelessly as the basic routine of brushing our teeth in the morning. And, while these words tend to come from a place of heartfelt warmth and goodness, their actual effectiveness is minimal. That morning, we shared breakfast and tea. We ate, chatted, laughed and bantered back and forth, in our typical manner, before parting ways for our various Saturday afternoon activities. When nurses, doctors and paramedics refused to look me in the eyes after two hours, I felt it. My mom was gone.

It may feel nearly impossible to go on living when someone you love dies, and you may really feel completely hopeless, at first. However, once you start dealing with your feelings and seeking support, you may be able to see calm waters ahead. Crying and grieving are a natural part of the process, so allow yourself the time and space to fully feel your emotions. Also, be open to other forms of support, like getting a dog or cat that will rely on you, love you, and cuddle with you. To learn how to slowly become more social again, keep reading. To create this article, 51 people, some anonymous, worked to edit and improve it over time.

DON'T SAY: “Stay strong. Instead, say: If you knew the deceased, share a memory or a story that might put a smile on your loved ones' faces.
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The Odyssey Online. As someone who recently went through the devastating loss of my father, I can tell you that I received an unbelievable outpouring of support. I just wanted to collapse into my bed and never get out of it. I see other people who have had similar losses that of a parent, or close relative and they seem to be doing well or that could just be the social media fantasy they are showing and I have to remind myself that we all grieve in our own ways. You ready?

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  1. Dealing with the death of a loved one is challenging in different ways for different people.

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