Guinea pig rolling on back

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guinea pig rolling on back

Stink and the Great Guinea Pig Express by Megan McDonald

When three guinea pigs from the local pet shop make a great escape, Stink Moody and his friends Webster and Sophie spring into action. Ta-da! The Fantastic Fur Friends round up the little hairballs and bring them safely back to Mrs. Birdwistles shop, where they discover - oohla- la! - guinea pig pandemonium! Time for the Great Guinea Pig Giveaway! Stink and company hit the road aboard the Squeals on Wheels Express in a crazy quest to find good homes for 101 squealing, whistling, chirping, wiggly piggies. FUR-eaky!
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Guinea Pig Rolling in cuddly bed


Your guinea pig may have a wide assortment of vocalizations, but the fact of the matter is, he cannot talk to you and explain when something's wrong. As a guinea pig owner, it's important you learn what behaviors are normal for your pet so you can identify any usual behaviors. Guinea pigs, like humans and most other animals, can choose to lie in a variety of positions depending on what each animal feels is comfortable. If your guinea pig rests on his side regularly but otherwise shows no signs of illness, then he's likely just choosing a position that feels good. When guinea pigs are relaxed and feel safe, they will stretch out and get comfortable.

By the time problems become apparent, illnesses may be life-threatening. Find a cavy-knowledgeable exotics vet soon after adopting a guinea pig so you know whom to contact in an emergency. Prompt, competent veterinary care is crucial to saving the life of a sick cavy. When caught early, most illnesses can be cured fairly easily with a course of antibiotics safe for cavies. A responsible guardian will learn the warning signs of illness and be willing to seek veterinary care when necessary. See a vet immediately if your cavy shows any of these signs:. To help monitor health, be sure to weigh your cavy weekly.

Do NOT start multiple threads for the same guinea pig. Remember Me? Results 1 to 20 of Thread: guinea pig loss of balance?? Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Just brought home a baby guinea pig today. Not sure of age but probably 8 weeks or so.

Some guinea pigs will roll over and appear to play dead, normally lying on their backs, when they're very frightened. If something is distressing your guinea pig.
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Guinea pigs, with their large heads, perpetual look of surprise and gleeful squeals, are definitely a pet to be seen and heard. But why do they do the things they do? Here are some common guinea pig behaviors explained, so you know what you are likely to come across when sharing your home with these popular pets. This little piggy is preyed upon in the wild, and so a fast piggy is a safe piggy. Give your guinea pig time to get to know you, which may or may not curb their fleeing instincts when someone enters their space.

Exactly when guinea pigs Cavia porcellus were domesticated is still unknown, but it is suspected to have happened sometime between and AD. Originally from South America, guinea pigs were used for food and for religious ceremonies by the Incas. They were first introduced into Europe approximately years ago. Wild cavies are crepuscular and feed at dawn and dusk. As with other species the process of domestication in guinea pigs has led to changes in behavior such that the domestic guinea pig is less aggressive, exhibits increased social tolerance and increased male courtship behavior, and is less attentive to its surrounding environment than its wild counterparts. The GS strain of guinea pigs, which are partially inbred, exhibit autism-like behavior patterns such as lack of response to and exploration of the environment, stereotypic motor behaviors, and poor social interaction because of cerebellar and corticocerebral abnormalities. Three original breeds were recognized: the American or English , which has a smooth hair coat; the Abyssinian, which has a short, coarse coat with whorls or rosettes; and the Peruvian, which has long, silky hair.

Remember Me? Results 1 to 9 of 9. Thread: Cavy rolling over??? Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Cavy rolling over??? I've noticed a strange behaviour on one of my cavies: when I have him with me, he sometimes rolls completely on his back for a moment, and then roll back to his normal position. It looks funny, but strange.

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