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discover leadership training mike jones

Unreasonable Possibilities by Mike Jones

The conversations we have with ourselves become the frame of reference through which we view the events in our lives. If our frame is negative, the reality we create in the present moment is negative. If our frame is positive, the reality we create is positive.Through humorous examples and stories of his own journey, Mike Jones will teach you how to break through from producing reasonable, predictable outcomes to producing new powerful, positive, unreasonable possibilities in every aspect of your life!
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Published 10.08.2019

Mondays with Mike,"The Foundation of Your Being" - Mike Jones of Discover Leadership Training

Who We Are. Discover Leadership Training boldly provides the most impactive, sustainable, and challenging leadership development solutions for the world.
Mike Jones

"Words are not bad. People use words in bad ways."

Discover Leadership Training boldly provides the most impactive, sustainable, and challenging leadership development solutions for the world. We are on your team. This article is in no way intended to be political. It is, however, intended to be thought provoking We hear it all the time; one of the biggest regrets most people have on their death bed is the fact they were afraid to go for their biggest dreams

As the President of Discover Leadership Training, Mike Jones has devoted his life to helping people in the realm of outcome-focused and benefit-driven choices. He and the whole Discover Leadership Training organization has unparalleled expertise when it comes to bringing positive influence to companies and organizations looking to have tangible growth. The Annual Training Day featured a packed agenda throughout the day. Adopting a conference style format, the Annual Training Day highlighted a wide variety of sessions, topics, and classes for the Shell Federal Credit Union employees to partake in. Knowing that it is not the score on the scoreboard at the end of the day but how we played the game! Being Game Changers with every relationship, changing lives one member and one employee at a time. About Mike Jones: Mike Jones realized something early in life: he didn't think like other people.

Drawing on his personal experiences flying police helicopters, creating programs for high school students to encourage their success, and as a cognitive scientist, Jones noted, "Words are not bad. People use words in bad ways. I urge you all to listen with the intent to be influenced, or you'll miss the opportunity to be a better you. Asking everyone to consider the words "revolutionary" and "extraordinary," Jones advised, "The insanity is in the sanity. Traditions are the beliefs of the dead, and traditionalisms are the dead beliefs of the living In order to get some, you've got to bring some - WIN the moment! Rather than listening with the intent to be influenced, people often listen to others in order to prove them wrong, thus proving themselves right.

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Inspirational Keynote Engagements by Mike Jones of Discover Leadership Training

Discover Leadership Training. Accountability creates authentic trust and team members are empowered to best their best. Tough, challenging, uncertainty, hard work, doing things right vs. Are these cons or gifts? Keep Wiping the smoke of the mirror and bringing the greatest gift we all have, the gift of choice. I have been working at Discover Leadership Training full-time for more than a year.

The first time Mike Jones saw a police helicopter land outside his elementary school, he was hooked. In the mids, he climbed aboard a Houston Police Department helicopter and realized that his dream was to be a pilot. I've always done things I loved to do. These days, Jones is soaring in the business world, but with his feet firmly planted on the ground. And it still doesn't feel like a job. As president of Discover Leadership Training, Jones, who studied aeronautical science in college, has taken a different flight path in the competitive world of leadership training seminars. His company offers motivational team-building instruction to corporate and individual clients in several U.

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