To build a fire man vs nature quotes

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to build a fire man vs nature quotes

To Build a Fire Quotes by Jack London

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Published 07.08.2019

Fire Quotes

Essay on Man vs. Environment in To Build a Fire by Jack London

All rights reserved. To Build a Fire Quotes See more famous quotes from literature. Primitivity Quotes. At the man's heels trotted a dog, a big native husky, the proper wolf dog, gray-coated and without any visible or temperamental difference from its brother the wild wolf. The animal […] knew that

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On the other hand, there was no keen intimacy between the dog and the man. The one was the toil slave of the other, and the only caresses it had ever received were the caresses of the whiplash and of harsh and menacing throat sounds that threatened the whiplash. The dog doesn't care about the man's well-being. It's completely self-interested and it wants to be near the man for his food and fire. Also, it has been taught to fear the man's whiplashes. Sounds more like a slave than a companion. Now the tree under which he had [built his fire] carried a weight of snow on its boughs […] High up in the tree one bough capsized its load of snow […] It grew like an avalanche, and it descended without warning upon the man and the fire, and the fire was blotted out!

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