Pray before you sleep quotes

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pray before you sleep quotes

Praying Quotes (383 quotes)

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Christian child's prayer

A Christian child's prayer is Christian prayer recited primarily by children that is typically short, rhyming, or has a memorable tune. It is usually said before bedtime, to give thanks for a meal, or as a nursery rhyme. Many of these prayers are either quotes from the Bible, or set traditional texts. While termed "Christian child's prayer", the examples here are almost exclusively used and promoted by Protestants. Catholic and Orthodox Christians have their own set of children's prayers, often invoking Mary, Mother of Jesus , angels, or the saints , and including a remembrance of the dead.

Evening hours are always something special in Loveland, Colorado. As the sun slowly sets, the nearby mountain peaks gradually disappear into the twilight. Activities for the day are winding down, and residents head back to their apartments or suites. Perhaps you have the bed invitingly turned down and are looking forward to the evening news or a good book. This precious evening time is perfect for a last-minute reflection on God's grace. Throughout the Bible, there are verses that comfort, encourage and exhort us in our spiritual life. Meditate on one of these special passages and turn your thoughts to God before you lie down for the night.

Most people remember the bedtime prayers of their childhood. But how many people have favorite prayers to say before sleep once grown? Here are 10 meaningful bedtime prayers for adults and prayer quotes too! Add prayer to your night time routine. Let peace wash over my household throughout the dark of night and in the few still hours of the next morning.

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"Your future is secure and made certain because of him."

Scriptures to Help you Sleep

Prayer is important to incorporate into your daily life. It aids our spiritual journey and helps us to express our gratitude while asking for guidance. Through prayer, you cultivate a personal relationship with God and seek out his help to achieve the things you hope for in life. In life, you will always encounter challenges and hardships. Daily prayer is a wonderful way to cultivate the strength and courage to overcome them.



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  2. After a long day, reciting one of these great good night prayers before getting in bed and sleeping will bring you peace in the evening.

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