Gene wilder young frankenstein quotes

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gene wilder young frankenstein quotes

Kiss Me Like a Stranger Quotes by Gene Wilder

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Published 28.07.2019

Young Frankenstein - What Hump?

These Young Frankenstein quotes tell us about director Mel Brooks.

Marty Feldman: Igor

Igor: My grandfather used to work for your grandfather. Of course the rates have gone up. Igor: You know, I'll never forget my old dad. When these things would happen to him Igor: "What the hell are you doing in the bathroom day and night? Why don't you get out of there and give someone else a chance?

Kill Bill: Vol. Sign in. Igor : You know, I'll never forget my old dad. When these things would happen to him Frederick Frankenstein : What did he say?

King , Jay King. Allen , William D. Total quotes Frederick Frankenstein : If we look at the base of a brain, which has just been removed from the skull, there's very little of the mid-brain that we can actually see. Yet, as I demonstrated in my lecture last week, if the under aspects of the temporal lobes are gently pulled apart, the upper portion of the stem of the brain can be seen. The so-called 'brain stem' consists of the mid-brain, a rounded protrusion called the pons, and a stalk tapering downwards called the medulla oblongata, which passes out of the skull through the foramen magnum, and becomes, of course, the spinal cord. Are there any questions before we proceed?

See the world's best properly cited quotes from Young Frankenstein. Share quotes with friends. Our favorite Screenplay: Gene Wilder, Mel Brooks. Produced.
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Nearly every joke works. Some of the best lines are between Dr. And later, this funny bit in a horse and wagon with Dr. Here is one of the most famous exchanges in the film, the classic bit where Dr. Frankenstein finds out just what kind of brain Igor has collected for him:. Very good. Would you mind telling me whose brain I did put in?

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