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a question of fear night gallery

Rod Serlings Night Gallery Reader by Carol Serling

The crown jewel of this collection is Rod Serlings tortured novella The Escape Route, in which a fugitive Nazi war criminal meets his supernatural fate. Ive always felt that Serling is at his most eloquent and impassioned when hes tackling the moral dimensions of war and the spiritual toll it takes on everyone involved. While always a keen observer of human nature and a master of suspense in any genre, his gift for poetic phrasing and visceral description makes me wish he had written more novels. The other stories collected here pale in comparison, but include Pickmans Model and Cool Air by H.P. Lovecraft, plus two from Cthulhu collaborator August Derleth and a light-hearted scare from the incomparable Richard Matheson.
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Episode 172 - Night Gallery - Season Two, Episode Three

The Night Gallery Podcast – The Twilight Zone Podcast

While reminiscing at a country club, Dr. Mazi Fritz Weaver recalls a traumatic night inside a haunted house. Likewise, this segment deserves praise for its chilling, psychological twist on a haunted house setting. During his stay in the haunted house, Col. Malloy encounters many spooky and well-executed horror devices: a floating head, a pendulum saw, and a ghost with flaming hands.

Casual Debris has evolved a little from its inception. Currently, we are interested in anthologies, literary and genre, as well as television. We also like to review lesser known novels and stories, and toss in a few asides, now and again. Thank you for stopping by. I'll guess that you still haven't gotten the big Night Gallery book. Theodore J.

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