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hardest degree to obtain guinness

Borden of Yale by Geraldine Guinness Taylor

Never have I read a book of a life lived so few years who impacted the Kingdom of Christ to such a degree! This book was written in 1926, just thirteen years after William Borden died and saw his Saviour face to face. Here I am, having never really heard about this man until earlier this year, 103 years after his death.

The fixed purpose upon which William set his focus upon was laser-like. The focus? The doing of the will of God for his life. At a time when many young men his age are only interested in girls, money, or partying, William wholeheartedly was pursuing Gods will for his life - that of the preparation of the giving of his life to reach the Muslims in northwest China.

What I find fascinating about this story and what speaks to the character of this young man, was the realness of his walk and Christian life while going through college. He wasnt just preparing for some future event. He believed in reaching everyone possible around him while going through college. He prayed for and attempted to reach the hardest to reach on the Yale college campus. He started the Yale Hope Mission, to reach those whose lives had been primarily wrecked and ruined by sin. Although of a loving disposition, he remained unwavering on the truth of the doctrines of the faith and unashamedly held to them in his personal belief and also towards faith organizations to which he invested the money his father had left him.

It is so true what is on his tombstone - Apart from faith in Christ, there is no explanation for such a life. From a human perspective, we do not understand why God allowed Borden to be on the field for such a short time.

I like what Walter Erdman, missionary to Korea and contemporary of Bordens, said after finding out about the death of William Borden:

I have been thinking more and more, since the news came, that the length of time God permits us to stay here is not related to a certain amount of work He wants us to do, so much as to a certain closeness of relationship to Himself He wants us to attain.

Bordens intimate relationship with God spurs us on today to pursue Christ with all of heart, soul, and mind! May it be so with every single one who names the name of Jesus Christ!
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Geraldine Guinness Taylor

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