Anne geddes babies where are they now

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anne geddes babies where are they now

Down In The Garden by Anne Geddes

Babies as snoozing hedgehogs. Babies as beatific butterflies. Babies as tiny fairies dwelling in a magical garden. These are the inhabitants of Anne Geddes gorgeous book Down in the Garden, an extraordinary ode to tiny babies and the enchantment they bring to life.In Geddes Down in the Garden, the world-famous photographer has captured newborns in a variety of mythical poses: brightly colored flowers with babies peeking out from behind them, sleeping babies snuggled inside bright green peapods, sprightly gnomes with darling baby faces. All come together to make Geddes Down in the Garden an artistic masterpiece unlike any other.This small hardcover edition of Down in the Garden features all the striking images from the internationally best-selling full-size volume in a more intimate, gift-size package. Complemented by gently humorous text, the images in Down in the Garden reflect Geddes appreciation for the beauty and innocence of babies. Her unique imagery immediately communicates her deep and abiding love of children in a universal language understood by people everywhere.
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Anne Geddes Interview - Studio Baby Photography

Baby look at you now! Anne Geddes' iconic babies all grown up

Anne Geddes became famous for photographing baby pictures in the s and early s. The photographer is probably the most famous author for her sweet portraits of children. The artist is Australian but lives and works in New Zealand, where she made most of her images. The celebrity arrived in the early 90s thanks to calendars, greeting cards, advertising images and much more, all of them with a childhood theme. The children of that age have now grown up and, at these time small babies, they have become adult men and women. For example, in she took a picture of three little girls, Alesa, Chantelle and Kylie.

Even if you don't know her by name, you're probably familiar with the work of photographer Anne Geddes : She's the one who makes all those books , calendars , and greeting cards with oh-so-adorable pictures of sleeping babies dressed as peas in a pod or baby chicks. Now, she's giving updates on her Instagram about what her earliest photo subjects are up to — calling it the "Baby, Look at You Now" series — and honestly, it's a true delight. Almost two decades later, those snoozing sweeties are now crushing it out in the real world. Let's check in with a few. No way!

Photographer Anne Geddes, known for her iconic portraits of cute babies in costume, has shared images of the little models, now adults. Australian born Geddes moved to Auckland in the late s, where she began capturing cute babies, often with a nature theme. Now a rower, he was an Easter bunny in a bucket in His image was used for greeting cards. In the same year, year-old Erin was posed atop a toadstool when she was two weeks old. Erin has completed a degree in environmental science and biology at the University of Auckland, and settled in Wellington. The Auckland woman now holds a creative writing degree and works at Papakura Museum, Geddes says.

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Anne Geddes is famous for the poignant, creative baby portraits she's taken over a year career — tiny newborns and expectant mothers against vibrant backgrounds or nestled into nature scenes that make you go "aww. As part of her "Baby, Look At You Now" series on Instagram , Geddes wanted to find out what the people she photographed back in the day are up to now. When she receives the updates, she posts her work with the subject as a baby side-by-side with a recent photo of them, and includes biographical information about what they're up to today in the caption. Here's another blast from the past - way back in those frantic days of shooting for greeting cards - and look what one of my little Easter bunnies has grown in to - a handsome 23 year old! From Helen Danyon's mother "Danyon was a baby Easter bunny in His bunny suit was too small and he burst out of it. Now he is 23 and 6'4"!


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  1. Before Instagram, there was Anne Geddes, the Australian-born photographer whose nature-inspired baby photos defined '90s baby photography. Remember.

  2. For those of us old enough to remember, Australian photographer Anne Geddes was a pioneer of a unique kind of stylised infant studio photography.

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