Bhai veer singh ji poems in punjabi

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bhai veer singh ji poems in punjabi

Sundri by Bhai Vir Singh

Sundri is the first Punjabi novel which comes from the pen of Bhai Vir Singh.

Base on a popular folk song and set in the historical period of Mir Manu that is notorious for large scale massacre of the Sikhs, Sundri is a symbolic representative of that milieu. Nawabs had courtiers were bent upon annihilating the Sikhs. The rulers were lustful and tyrannical. Hindus as a class failed to meet the challenge. At the best they could offer compensation to get back the captured girls. Men like Balwant Singh, brother of Sundri, and girls of her stock faced all kinds of persecution at the hands of the Moghul sepoys and humiliation at the hands of Nawabs. The story depicts incidents and events which inculcate universal brotherhood and love for humanity. A Sikh girl treats an injured Moghul sepoy but on learning that she is a Sikh woman he attacks with his dagger. Surasti, the earlier name of Sundri, was forcibly taken away by the Moghul official but when she is baptised and renamed Sundri, she earns respects of the members of the Sikh Jatha who treat her as their own sister.
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Rabbi Raah Vich Sab Ton Vadda Dushman - Bhai Veer Singh Ji

Bhai Vir Singh , born , Punjab, India—died , Punjab , Sikh writer and theologian who was chiefly responsible for raising the Punjabi language to a literary level never before attained.
Bhai Vir Singh

Reliving Kashmir through Bhai Vir Singh’s verse

Back to Events. September 24, at am - 4pm EST. In the words of Prof. He sits under the tree of life in maiden freshness like his Guru. His song is vital and he imparts most of his joy to his poems. His art is of the eyewitness; he writes what he sees; draws his poems from the melody of his soul. This silent poet makes the rivers cry and sets the hills on fire by the touch of his emotion.

Matak Hulare Bhai Vir Singh

Bhai and Ji or Jee are honorifics. Charan Singh's three sons., Vir Singh 5 December in Amritsar — 10 June in Amritsar was an Indian poet, scholar, and theologian of the Sikh revival movement, playing an important part in the renewal of Punjabi literary tradition.

Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. He wrote in Punjabi in preference to Braj Bhasha, the favourite language of the scholars of his days. This occasion provided an oppor- tunity to the literary luminaries, all over the world, to appreciate the genius of Bhai Vir Singh. The Shatabdi Granth of also enabled quite a number of writers and scholars, both Indian and foreign, to evaluate various aspects of writings of Bhai Sahib. Many scholars like Prof.

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