Silent hill 4 stun gun

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silent hill 4 stun gun

Character profile for Naomi (Bible) from Holy Bible: King James Version (page 1)

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Refer to the charts below and the legend as well to learn the effectivity of each weapon on each enemy. Certain weapon may work on certain enemies, but are too slow or way too unnecessary, and therefore may be marked as not effective. As you can see, the Rusty Axe is the best overall weapon, capable of efficiently killing or just fighting any enemy. Between the two firearms, the Revolver is clearly better in power, but overall the Pistol is the better weapon, with better speed and more ammo available. Location: Inside Henry's fridge in his apartment at the beginning of the game. Description: Bottle of white wine from the refrigerator. It'll break eventually if I keep using it as a weapon.

Help me! Tue 09 Oct, am. Alot of people are messaging me asking to the whereabouts of the stungun in Silent Hill 4, so I thought I'd make a thread on it for you all to know. The exact location of the stun gun in the Water Prison World is firstly go to the third cell block and go down the hole of the 4 o clock facing room imagine the rooms are like a clock. Find 4 o clock or I'll just say the right, down room. And before you jump down the second hole which would be on the second floor the stun gun is on a table on the left in this room.

After completing the game once, this special mode will be unlocked, and it is the basis for all extra in Silent Hill 4., Used at short range, it can zap and knock down monsters for a brief period of time. In Silent Hill 3 , Heather Mason owns one, which is retrieved from her room after slaying the Missionary.




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  1. The Stun Gun is a weapon found in Silent Hill 3, Silent Hill 4: The Room and Silent Hill: Book of Memories. Used at short range, it can zap and knock down.

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