Hurricane of 38 american experience

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hurricane of 38 american experience

Sudden Sea: The Great Hurricane of 1938 by R.A. Scotti

Sudden Sea by R.A. Scotti

If you live near the sea, you WILL experience storms, and most likely a hurricane. As I’m sure you know, hurricane Michael, a category 4, devastated parts of the Florida Panhandle, and the after affects of hurricane Florence are still making the lives of thousands of families and businesses miserable.

The author tells the story of the 1938, cat 5 storm, also titled a 100 year storm, which devastated most of the Long Island coast, Manhatten, most of the state of Rhode Island and parts of Massachusetts. It happened on September 21, within hours of what started as a bright sunny day without warning. It originally was mapped to hit Florida and alerts went out, but it veered out to sea, and no other mention of a hurricane was broadcast to the northeast. It became the worst Natural disaster that has happened in United States history, more than the San Francisco earthquake and the Chicago fire.

I recently stayed at my NC beach home during hurricanes Florence and Michael. After reading this account of the 1938 storm, I will not “ride out” another hurricane.

R.A. Scotti gives the reader first hand accounts, having done his research well. The technology for tracking storms back then was nowhere near what it is today, which made his job so much more difficult. Nor was the National Weather Service much of an entity, and there was no NOAA. It is a factual and scary read.

Highly recommended.
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Violent Earth: New England's Killer Hurricane of 1938 - History Channel documentary

Airs Monday, May 17, at 9 p.
R.A. Scotti

The Great New England Hurricane

Before the system of assigning names to hurricanes was initiated during the early s, tropical storms and hurricanes were often named with reference to the year of their occurrence and the area they devastated. For those who lived through the storm, it remains the weather event of their lifetimes. As this disturbance passed off the West African coast it developed into a tropical storm near the Cape Verde Islands, probably about September 10th. With the storm picking up speed, moving westward across the Atlantic Ocean, a Brazilian freighter, the S. Alegrete , encountered the storm at hurricane strength, with winds of 74 mph or faster, on September

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As the storm made its way across the Atlantic and up the eastern seaboard, there was little warning. Radar had not been invented. No one had ever seen a storm like this. Rhode Island fishermen, residents and vacationers recount what it was like to live through one of the greatest natural disasters recorded in North America. In September of , a great storm rose up on the coast of West Africa and began making its way across the Atlantic Ocean. The National Weather Bureau learned about it from merchant ships at sea and predicted it would blow itself out at Cape Hatteras, North Carolina, as such storms usually did.

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