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do girls like it big

Big Girls Do It: Volumes 1-4 by Jasinda Wilder

I guess I am reading the wrong books. I went into this book, well, series of books offered up all in one package, with an open mind. The Big Girls Do It boxed set sounded like something I could really enjoy. A story of female empowerment, of women who may be on the ‘fluffy’ side, but who stood up for themselves and accepted who they were, and didn’t let anyone hold them back.


Can I get any dumber? Instead of a good tale, these are, once again, 95 pages of sex scenes and a page of story. Not all that unusual in today’s book market, but deeply boring if truth be told. It seems that this style of “writing” follows a simplistic formula that focuses on the hinky rather than having any real storyline. Don’t get me wrong, I like a little warmth to my stories if that is something that is integral to a storyline, but having the characters going at it like monkeys in filthy alleys on second meeting? Uh, has anyone ever heard of self-respect? Uck.

There was a positive story that could have been written here. The main character, Anna, is a big girl but is actually quite beautiful. She is bright, creative, and capable, but she has also been drug down by men who treat her like dirt because she isn’t a size zero. Well, that is to be expected, but she has the strength to carry it off.

And then, of course, she is swept off her feet by Chase, a ‘hunk’ rock-star. She falls into an alley with him, then into bed, and then watches as he moves to New York to follow his singing career with his band. Disappointed, Anna finally sees the truly nice guy she has worked with as a DJ for six years, Jeff, and they start what appears to be a sound and healthy relationship.

And then, of course, the pretty-boy-rock-star comes back into play, and all bets are off. Of course, in this sort of book, the whole idea seems to be for the woman to ‘tame the bad guy’ so she runs off to New York leaving the nice guy in the lurch. No wonder guys complain that women don’t really want a good guy – women apparently show them that at every turn! Of course, when the pretty boy does exactly what one would expect him to do, Anna runs back and flings herself into the good guys arms again…. Until the naughty boy comes back, and of course she is dying to “give him a chance to explain.” Draw your own pictures. All in all? Anna the user. Anna the whiner. Anna the emotional misogynist. Yes, she has been hurt, but she seems to be determined to make sure that she hurts herself over and over again, following around after the guy that will definitely hurt her while bashing away at the one who never would. And Anna’s friend, who of course thinks she should “give the bad boy another chance” no matter what was happening in that alley, right? Gag.

For all the hopes that one might find a book where “imperfect” women have strong self esteem, this is still just another story about a big woman allowing herself to be used – and her big friend pushing her to accept what she can get from the ‘bad boy,’ including kinky sex and closing her eyes to alley hook-ups with multiple women, instead of focusing on the true love and affection of someone who really cares. Wow, thanks author for that little bon mot…

I just hope that, at some point I can find a romantic series that shows women who are more interested in a real, solid, loving relationship than in whips, blindfolds, and men who will never, stick around without cheating at every opportunity. This certainly isn’t it and that is just sad. Again.
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Jasinda Wilder

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